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The Complete Mahabharata

“The Rishi Vyasa published this mass of knowledge in both a detailed and an abridged form. It is the wish of the learned in the world to possess the detail and the abridgment.

Some read the Bharata beginning with the initial mantra (invocation) others with the story of Astika, others with Uparichara, while some Brahmanas study the whole.

Men of learning display their various knowledge of the institutes in commenting on the composition. Some are skillful in explaining it, while others in remembering its contents.

“The wisdom of this work, like unto an instrument for applying collyrium, hath opened the eyes of the inquisitive world, blinded by the darkness of ignorance.

As the sun dispelleth the darkness so doth the Bharata by its discourses on religion, profit, pleasure, and final release dispel the ignorance of men.

As the full moon by its mild light expandeth the buds of the water-lily, so this Puran, by exposing the light of the Sruti hath expanded the human intellect.

By the lamp of history, which destroyeth the darkness of ignorance, the whole mansion of the womb of nature is properly and completely illuminated.

Since the time, however, that the Professor wrote, some thing has been done towards encouraging the study of Sanskrit by the Civil Servants of India.

It is a matter of regret, however, that the little that is acquired under compulsion while in course of training for the first test or the Departmental examinations, is rarely improved from a love of knowledge in after life. The cause, however, is not far to seek.

The study of Sanskrit is attended with difficulties that are nearly insuperable in. the case of the over-worked Indian official.

Unless blessed with linguistic faculties o-f an exceptional nature, the little leisure that the Indian official might command, even if wholly devoted to the acquirement of Sanskrit, can scarcely produce desirable results.

Viewed also in the light of a mean to an end, the end, vi^ of understanding the wishes and aspirations of the Indian races for purposes of better government, the study of Sanskrit may be dispensed with if all that is contained in the great Sanskrit works of antiquity becomes obtainable by Eaglishmen through the medium of translation.

Any effort, therefore, that is made towards unlocking Manu and ,yajn.yavalkya>. Vyasa and Valmiki,. to Englishmen at home or in India, can not but be regarded as a valuaWe contribution to the cause of good government.

With regard to the Mahabharata In particular, on which, as remarked by Oriental scholars, Aryan poets and prosewriters of succeeding ages have drawn as on a national bank of unlimited resources, I am fully persuaded that the usefulness of such a translation and its gratuitous distribution in India And Europe ( America also has been included at the suggestion of my friends) would recommend itself to the patriotism of .my countrymen without the need of any eloquent elaboration.

It is impossible to suppose that the liberality of my countrymen could have been exhausted by su|^orting the ” Bharat ,Karyalya” for a period of seven^ years only. The English translation will cost, at a rough estimate, Rs. 100,000.

After my experience of the .liberality of my countrymen, this sum, apprently large though it be, seems to me to be a trifl

WriterKrishna Dwaipayana Ved Vyasa
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  • Part 1: Adi Parva (540 pages, 35 MB)
  • Part 2: Sabha Parva & Vana Parva I (434 pages, 28 MB)
  • Part 3Vana Parva II (428 pages, 25 MB)
  • Part 4: Virata & Udyoga Parva (542 pages, 25 MB)
  • Part 5: Bhisma Parva (344 pages, 23 MB)
  • Part 6: Drona Parva (506 pages, 24 MB)
  • Part 7: Karna, Salya Sauptika, Stree Parvas (592 pages, 28 MB)
  • Part 8: Santi Parva I (420 pages, 29 MB)
  • Part 9: Santi Parva II (422 pages, 21 MB)
  • Part 10: Santi Parva III, Anusasana Parva I (422 pages, 20 MB)
  • Part 11: Anusasana Parva (418 pages, 21 MB)
  • Part 12: Awamedha, Asramavasika, Mahaprasthanika, Swarga-Rohanika Parvas (316 pages, 15 MB)

The Mahabharata: A Criticism By C V Vaidya


WEBER observes: “The first evidence of the existence of an epic with the contents of the Mahabharata comes to us from Rhetor Dion Chrysostom who flourished in the second half of the first century A.D.

Since Megas this says nothing of this epic, it is not an improbable hypothesis that its origin is to be placed between Megasthenes and Chrysostom.”

Weber, the only blemish of whose deep and really wonderful research is a kind of bias, has here forgotten that we have not the work of Megasthenes before us.

That most valuable book has been lost. It is only from fragments of it quoted by others that we get some information about India as it was in 300 B.C.

Mahabharata By C Rajagopalachari

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