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Sri Suktam

First Hymn



Oh! Lord of Fire! From you, the Wisdom of the Vedas is born. You make the Goddess of Creation possess me, the Goddess who is an expression of the Golden Yellow hue and who is Herself an embodiment of the splendor of Gold.

She, who is adorned with jewels of Gold and Silver and who is of the Lunar nature may possess me as her own child.


In the first two hymns of the Sûktam a prayer is made to the Cosmic Fire. I gave you a prayer relating to fire in three steps, when I taught you Ishavasya Upanishad.

Now there is a prayer seeking the Cosmic Fire to bestow on us that light, which is the golden hue, which is also the silver hue, which is ever changing and yet stable, which is ever permeating, and which is also reflecting and reflective.

First, the hymn speaks of Jataveda. Jataveda means the One from whom the Veda is born and it also means, the One who is born out of the Veda.

Who is Father and who is Son is a riddle. From out of the existence, whom we call the Father, the Veda comes. From out of the Veda, the Father comes again as the Son.

That is why the Son is considered as the repetition of the Father. The Son is no other than the father represented.

God is presented through the Son of God, because He cannot present himsel for your perception. He presents himself through a Son of God.

The Cosmic Fire is said to be born out of the Veda and the Veda itself is said to be born out of HIM. That is why HE is called in the Veda as Agni.

Agni means the foremost One. He is the one without whom nothing exists. If you take the number 1000000, how many zeros are in it?

It has 6 zeros. Suppose, from the 1000000, you remove the 1, what is the value? There is only one number, which is important. If that number 1 is removed, the rest is nothing!

So, we are asking Agni, the Most High, to bestow his light, the light of creation, upon us.

Even Masters could be put to illusions by the Mother nature. So, what can be said about aspirants! The illusions
of the aspirants are many and the comprehensions are very little.

The attitude to judge is very high. That is the reason why for this seminar I have selected a topic, ‘The nature and characteristics of the World Mother’ as propounded by the Sûkta of Rig Veda called Srî Sûktam.

It was discoursed in 1984 in Geneva in a small group of people for about 9 days.

I shall re-do it with elaborate details within this Group life which will enable us to gain the light and to wash off our
impurities, and thereby stand firmly in light and not be swept away by illusions.

This theme was selected considering the strong energies of Gemini that are prevailing. The two brothers are at war: the person and the personality. It is the common story of every aspirant and disciple.

Unless the two find a meeting ground, the solutions do not come about. The solutions that are to be worked out by humanity in the years to come will decide the course that this humanity takes for the next century.

The illusions of the duality which is an aspect of Gemini and the related differences and discords can be overcome once we experience the nature and the characteristics of the light of the world, which is called the World Mother.

The theme is one of the most sublime and sacred aspects of Wisdom. It relates to the primordial light, the basis of ‘All that is’. That very light is seen by the Vedic Seers as the Mother, because it is lighted.

There is something, which causes the light. That something is called the ‘beyond’, which is not definable. It is neither HE nor SHE. It is the basis of the two.

It is THAT which is eternal and it is THAT which is called eternity. From THAT there is the emergence and that emergence is seen as light.

THAT which is beyond is called Sat. It is the existence eternal, beyond all qualifications, beyond all descriptions and beyond anything we can think of. THAT is the background and out of THAT there is the emergence. It is called the dynamic state of the existence.

It is seemingly static and seemingly dynamic. When it is dynamic, we see it as light. The other name for it is Consciousness and in Sanskrit it is called Chaitanya

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