Translation Of The Holy Quran By Ali Muhammad

Translation Of The Holy Quran Book PDF Free Download

Translation Of The Holy Quran Book PDF Free Download


The Holy Quran is the fountain-head from which all the teachings of Islam are drawn, and it is the only absolute and final authority in all discussions relating to the religion of Islam.

The Sunnah, meaning mode of life, and especially the course of the Holy Prophet’s life, is used in the religious terminology of Islam to indicate practices and sayings of the Holy Prophet.

Hades, which means originally news, carries the same significance. The Sunnah, or Hadis, as signifying the precept and example of the Holy Prophet, is a secondary source of the law of Islam.

The true relation of the Quran and the Sunnah has often been misunderstood, and that not only by non-Muslim critics but even by some sections of the Muslim community.

There is a tendency in some quarters to attach over importance to the Sunnah and in others to discredit it altogether. The truth lies midway between these two extremes.

In what relation does the Sunnah stand to the Quran? According to the Quran itself, the Holy Prophet was not only the recipient of the Divine revelation but he was also required, in one of the earliest revelations.

To collect and arrange it and give an explanation of it: “On Us devolves the collecting of it and the reciting of it. So when We have recited it, follow its recitation.

Again on Us devolves the explaining of it” (75:17-19). The Prophet’s work to be carried out under Divine guidance was thus threefold, viz.

The recitation of the Quran, the collection of the Quran, and the explaining of the Quran.

He carried out the first part of his work by reciting the Quran to those around him as it was revealed in portions: the second part by having every portion.

written down as it was revealed and by assigning to the different verses and chapters as they were revealed their proper place in the Book; and the third part, by giving explanation where it was needed.

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Translation Of The Holy Quran Book PDF Free Download

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