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E-Business Website Development Project


Technological achievements always had a great impact on every aspect of human society and affected our everyday life in a variety of ways.

It is a technological breakthrough, that, over the last two decades, revolutionized our communication, entertainment, and business methods and practices.

The Internet was created in the late 60s as a small network of computers and has evolved into the main and most essential link between companies, governments, and individuals.

Internet surpasses geographical boundaries, time limitations, and cost restrictions. Furthermore, it is easily accessible by anyone.

It is a low-cost way for pioneering technologies, business models, and ideas to reach a great number of people and provides the perfect environment for entrepreneurs.

With the Internet’s popularity on the rise, it became clear that the business world could not overlook this phenomenon.

According to Chaffey (2002), companies need to find a way to implement all these new electronic ways of communication and transaction into their traditional business procedures.

An industry that has been transformed by Web technologies is the employment industry.

Information and Communication technologies have transformed the traditional methods and practices applied in the employment sector.

Online applications, online psychometric tests, huge databases of candidates and vacancies, and online communication, are some of the most important changes that the Internet has introduced in the employment field.

The reasons that led to the huge development of the Internet as a means to assist in job search, are highly related to its nature.

It provides a very cheap way for companies to recruit candidates and is usually a totally free way for candidates to search for suitable vacancies (Kuhn and Skuterud,2004; Stevenson, 2008).

Moreover, Internet services “offer firms and workers the promise of instant access to a much larger number of possible matches than traditional channels, as well as the potential for the exchange of much more detailed information about both worker and job attributes” (Kuhn and Skuterud, 2004).

This huge amount of information that can be easily accessed is the key to the success of employment websites.

According to a survey on internet usage, 75% of the jobs get job information through the internet rather than using other more traditional methods, like connections and newspapers. (KISA, 2010)

Definition of E-Business

This turn towards Internet-based technologies generated a new status quo in the business world.

The business was defined by IBM back in 1997, as “the transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologies”.

According to Chaffey (2002), e-business is described as “all the electronically mediated information exchanges, both within an organization and with external stakeholders, supporting the range of business processes.”

Boone and Ganeshan (2007) define e-business technologies as “the use of the Internet or any digitally enabled inter- or intra-organizational information technology to accomplish business processes”.

Finally, Damanpour (2001) provides a similar definition.

“E-Business is any “net” business activity that transforms internal and external relationships to create value and exploit market opportunities driven by new rules of the connected economy”

Short History of E-Business

Despite the fact that e-business is a relatively new trend in the business sector, its brief history is
filled with controversial events.

The rapid growth of the popularity of the Web from 1995 was accompanied by a highly profitable period for e-business companies.

very easy and cost-efficient and at that time it was thought to guarantee success and profits (O’Connor and Galvin, 1998; Janenko,2003).

The number of e-businesses kept growing in an attempt for everybody to have a share of the profit pie.

At the turn of the century, their number reached its peak, and their profit opportunities and potential financial growth were capped.

This led to the huge stock market collapse of many e-business companies which is known as the bust.

After a five-year period where companies had to reevaluate their strategic approach towards e-commerce, the growth of e-businesses started to increase again, reaching a double-digit level through the current period.

Scope And Focus of the Report

The explosive growth of the e-business over the last two decades has captured the attention of
many researchers and academics from various scientific fields.

Recognizing the diversity of the nature of an e-business, which complies with the diverse nature of the Internet, this report tries to examine the topic from a variety of viewing angles.

According to Laudon and Traver (2007, p.38), e-business follows the same pattern as any previous technology-driven revolution.

“Technologies develop first and then these technologies are exploited commercially.

Once commercial exploitation of these technologies becomes widespread, a host of social, cultural, and political issues arise.

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