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Project Report On E-Library Management


In this chapter, we will discuss and analyze the developing process of a Library Management System including software requirement specification (SRS) and a comparison between existing and proposed systems.

The functional and non-functional requirements are included in the SRS part to provide a complete description and overview of system requirements before the developing process is carried out.

Besides that, existing vs proposed provides a view of how the proposed system will be more efficient than the existing one.

Software Requirement Specification



Library Management System is a computerized system that helps users (librarians) manage the library’s daily activity in electronic format.

It reduces the risk of paperwork such as file loss, file damage, and time consumption.

It can help users manage transactions or records more effectively and timesaving.


The problem that occurred before having the computerized system included:

 File lost
When the computerized system is not implemented file is always lost because of the human environment. Sometimes due to some human error, there may be a loss of records.

 File damaged When a computerized system is not their file is always lost due to some accident like the spilling of water by some member on file accidentally.

Besides some natural disasters like floods or fires may also damage the files.

 Difficult to search record
When there is no computerized system there is always difficulty in searching for records if the records are large in number.

 Space consuming
After the number of records becomes large the space for the physical storage of files and records also increases if no computerized system is implemented.

 Cost consuming
As there is no computerized system to add each recording paper will be needed which will increase the cost of the management of the library.


Improvement in control and performance The system is developed to cope with the current issues and problems of the library. The system can add users, and validate users and is also bug-free.

 Save cost
After the computerized system is implemented less human force will be required to maintain the library thus reducing the overall cost.

 Save time
Librarians can search records by using a few clicks of the mouse and a few search keywords thus saving them valuable time.

 Option of online Notice board
The librarian will be able to provide a detailed description of workshops going on in the college as well as in nearby colleges.

 Lecture Notes
Teachers have the facility to upload lecture notes in a PDF file with having a size of no more
than 10Mb.

Product Requirements


When a library management system is implemented librarians and users will easily access the library as searching and book transactions will be very fast.


The system should accurately perform member registration, member validation, report generation, book transactions, and search


The system is designed for a user-friendly environment so that students and staff of the library can perform the various tasks easily and in an effective way.



In implementing the whole system it uses HTML in the front end with PHP as server-side scripting language which will be used for database connectivity and the backend ie the database part is developed using MySQL.


The whole system is expected to be delivered in six months with a weekly evaluation by the project guide.



Description of feature This feature is used by the user to log into the system. They are required to enter their user ID and password before they are allowed to enter the system. The user ID and password will be verified and if an invalid ID is where the user is allowed to not enter the system.

Functional requirements

-user ID is provided when they register

-The system must only allow users with valid id and passwords to enter the system

-The system performs an authorization process that decides what user level can access.

-The user must be able to log out after they finished using the system.


Description of feature

This feature can be performed by all users to register a new user to create accounts.

Functional requirements
-System must be able to verify information
-The system must be able to delete information if the information is wrong.


Description of feature This feature allows to addition of new books to the library Functional requirements
-System must be able to verify information
-The system must be able to enter a number of copies into the table.

The system must be able to not allow two books having the same book ID.

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Project On Library Management System PDF Free Download

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