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Education Technology Definition, Scope, Nature

Unit–1: Meaning and Nature of Educational Technology


After studying this unit, students will be able to:

• Understand education.
• Learn the definition of educational technology.
• Understand the assumptions of educational technology.
• Understand the areas of educational technology.


‘Educational Technology’ word is made up of two words—one is ‘Education’ and another is ‘Technology’.

First, we will look at the meaning of education and then technology, and based on this, will try to define the subject.

1.1 What is Education?

The meaning of Education in Hindi is ‘Shiksha’.

It means—To educate. In other words, learning or academic–achieved through the creation of rituals and practices is called education.

Education is a synonym of the Latin word ‘Educatum’ which means English Education. It means—‘The art of teaching’.

According to the Universal Dictionary of English Language, Education means—(1) To educate, To provide training, (2) to develop brain and character, and (3) A particular state’s education system.

These words indicate various learning of education and educational procedures.

By providing new experiences, education makes a boy adjust according to the environment and the full development of his powers and inherent abilities, as per the eligibility, he could contribute to his family, community, and nation in a specific area.

Definitions and Nature of Educational Technology

1.3.1 Simplistic Definitions

Definitions of educational technology have a variety of different scholars. Some important definitions are quoted below.

These definitions assist in understanding the meaning and nature of educational technology—

(1) Jacquetta Bloomer 1973—“Educational Technology is the application of scientific knowledge about learning to practical learning situations.”

(2) Richmond 1970—“Educational Technology is concerned to provide appropriately designing learning situations, holding in view the objectives of the teaching or training, bring or bear the best means of instruction.”

(3) Robert A. Cox, 1970—“Application of scientific process to man’s learning conditions called Notes Educational Technology.”

(4) Dececco—“It is in the form of detailed application of the Psychology of learning to practical teaching problems.”

(5) Robert M. Gagne—“Educational Technology can be understood as a means for the development of a set of systematic techniques and accompanying practical knowledge for designing testing and operating schools as educational systems.”

(6) S. S. Kulkarni, 1966—“Educational Technology may be defined as the application of the laws as well as recent discoveries of science and technology to the process of education.”

To comment on the above definitions is evident that all these definitions are unilateral.

Some definitions highlight an aspect of educational technology and some definitions highlight a different aspect. Thus, the property of these definitions is the lack of comprehensiveness.

1.3.2 Acceptable Definitions of Educational Technology

Definitions of Leith, Sakamoto, and Shiv K. Mitra may be classified in this category –

(1) G.O.M. Leith—“Educational Technology is the systematic application of scientific knowledge
about teaching learning and conditions of learning to improve the efficiency of teaching and

(2) Takeshi Sakamoto, 1971—“Educational Technology is an applied or practical study which aims at maximizing educational effect by controlling such relevant facts as educational purposes educational environment, the conduct of the student, behavior of instructors and interrelations between students and instructors.”

(3) Shiv K. Mitra—“Educational Technology can be conceived as a science of techniques and methods by which educational goals could be realized.”

On the basis of the above definitions and characters, it is clear that educational technology is a very
descriptive word.

It refers to the use of scientific methods for its working after organizing the entire teaching process.

In the words of Dr. Anand (1996), it includes a way that can be helpful in improving learning and teaching processes.

Educational technology is related to almost all the processes of teaching, learning, instruction, and training such as the determination of instructional objectives, planning of the teaching-related environment, preparation of learning and teaching materials, selecting the learning methods and techniques for teaching, and to feedback the teaching and learning processes, etc.

There was a time when educational technology was understood to mean only audio-visual teaching tools.

Today, educational technology has a very broad concept.

Now the concept of educational technology is being used for such methods, techniques, compositions, and mechanical equipment which can be used to improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

Educational technology is called a systematic and scientific endeavor in order to schedule, organize, forward, and control the effects of technical and educational processes.

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