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Shivaji: The Grand Rebel Book PDF Free Download

The History Of Shivaji The Grand Rebel Book PDF Free Download

The Grand Rebel

THE family of Shivaji claimed a double descent both from King Porus and from the Ranas of Udaipur.

Porus, it will be remembered, was the Indian King who opposed Alexander.

This claim would appear to have been made in the same spirit as the boast of the Julian House of royal Trojan descent.

Alexander has always exercised a strange fascination over the imagination of Indians.

In Baluchistan today stout chieftains with turbans as large as those of ballet-Sultans in a Bakst décor.

Will solemnly assure you that Alexander passed through their village sometime last century, adding as if with a real effort to be accurate, “I cannot quite remember him myself.

I was only a child.” So in the absence of any evidence, one cannot but agree with the judicious Mr Orme in his pronouncement:

“The descent of the Chitore Rajahs from Porus, although asserted by European travelers, does not seem to be established.”

The claim of relationship with the Blouse of Udaipur has, on the other hand, not been contested except by enemies of Shivaji and appears to have been accepted by contemporaries.

The family name of Bhosle is said to be derived from the fief of Bhosavar in Udaipur, whence a prince named Sajan In theory, all Muhammadan India owed allegiance to the Emperor of Delhi.

The dynasties at Delhi changed; Emperors rose from as various races as in the later Roman Empire.

But after what I might call the Bull of Sovereignty obtained by Muhammad Tughlak from.

The Caliph of Bagdad, the Emperor at Delhi was a nominal overlord of India.

In fact, however, outlying provinces were always more or less independent; and the tyranny of Muhammad Tughlak.

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