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Carl Jung Modern Man In Search Of A Soul Book PDF Free Download

Modern Man In Search Of A Soul Book PDF Free Download

Modern Man In Search Of A Soul


The use of dream analyses. In psychotherapy is shall a much-debated question Many practitioners find at inda pensable in the treatment.

Of neuroses and ascribe as much importance to the psyche activity manifested in dreams as consciousness atself Others.

On the contrary, dispute the value of dream-analysis, and regard dreams as a negligible by-product of the psyche Obviously.

If a person holds the view that the unconscious plays a leading role in the formation of neuroses, he will attribute practical significance to dreams as direct expressions of the unconscious.

If, on the other hand, he denies the unconscious or thinks that it has no part in the development of neuroses, he will minimize the importance of dream analyses.

It is regrettable that is this year of grace 1931, more than half a century since Cares formulated the concept of the unconscious, over a century since Kant spoke of the unmeasurable field of obscure ideas”.

And nearly two hundred years since Leibniz postulated an unconscious psychic activity, not to mention the achieved moments of Janet, Flournoy, and Freud-that after all this.

The actuality of the unconscious should still be a matter of controversy.

Since it is my intention to deal exclusively with questions of practical treatment.

I will not attempt in this place a defense of the hypothesis of the unconscious, though it is obvious enough that dream-analysis stands or falls with this hypothesis.

Without it, the dream appears to be merely a freak of nature, a meaningless conglomerate of memory fragments leftover from the happenings of the day.

Were the dream nothing more than this, there would be no excuse for the present discussion We must recognize the unconscious if we are to treat dream analysis.

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Carl Jung Modern Man In Search Of A Soul Book PDF Free Download

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