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SHIVAJI MAHARAJ Complete Biography

Shivaji Maharaj, the famous founder of Maratha power, was descended from the famous Bhonsle family.

This noble Maratha house claimed ancient Kshatriya origins.

It is said that the family was moved to the upper reaches of Maharashtra by a Rajput warrior, Devraj Maharana.

Family tradition tells a long tale of tumultuous adventures and vicissitudes.

The ancient princes of the royal Sisodia family ruled for centuries in what is now known as the modern Awadh province.

They claimed descent from the mythical solar caste, which includes the lunar caste as well as the genealogy of every Kshatriya family in the land.

One of these Sisodia princes crossed the Narbada and became the founder of an independent principality on its southern bank.

However, the family’s fortunes waned in the face of the rising glory of the famous Sullivan, who inaugurated a new Hindu era, which still exists south of the Narbada.

The then-ruler Bhonsle Rajkumar was defeated and his kingdom was annexed.

At this time of crisis, the prince’s distressed queen fled across the Narbada River with her young son five or six years old, and took refuge in the inhospitable regions of Mewar around the Vindhya Mountains.

There he found shelter in a poor Brahmin family, whose son looked after the Brahmin’s cows.

Once during his shepherd’s work, the boy discovered a hidden treasure.

This he told his patron and introduced him to the story of his origin and fall.

The Brahmin listened to him sympathetically encouraged him to make efforts to recover his royal power and gave him all possible help according to his ability.

He resolved not to carry his war standards before them and to deny himself the luxuries of plates and sofas and even to shave his beard until he curbed the arrogance of the hostile hordes that had destroyed his caste and desecrated the capital of his hereditary kingdom.

He passed on this hatred towards Islam to his future generations.

He won new victories; They built new forts and strengthened their power; And finally, he established his independence by making Udaipur his capital.

On the death of Ajay Singh, his son Sajan Singh thought it unwise to quarrel with his cousin over the division of territory and found it more glorious to win new territories for himself.

With this design, this brave prince proceeded towards the south.

He conquered the region of Sondhvad and made it his capital there.

We get to read the names of Dilip Singhji Maharana, Singhji Maharana, Bhosaji Maharana and Devrajji Maharana in their descendants.

All of them continuously fought with the Muslims and protected their kingdom.

But at last Devarajji, quite weary of the frequency of Muslim invasions, gave up his kingdom, and went south to maintain a precarious independence as a polity in the valleys of the Krishna and Blima.

On coming to the Deccan, he changed his name due to the fear of Muslims and named himself Bhoswant Bhonsle.

Their aim was, if possible, to lay the foundation of a new sovereignty in this land.

But the Muslims put everything before him and his lofty ambition was not destined to be realized.

After all, he had done so. Satisfying oneself with the Patelship of Singanapur.

He thought she stroked his back and woke him up, and addressed him with these words: “Behold, O mortal, I have become merciful of my own free will and am showering you with my grace.

The snake that you will find moving in this ant-hill is nothing but my divine self in another form.

Greet the snake, and dig up the ant mountain; And take the gold you find in it, but don’t harm the reptile, because it will go its way.

Twenty-seven of your descendants in the direct line will rule the land! Maloji awoke from his dream and described the wonderful scene to Vithoji.

Now both the brothers decided to test the veracity of the wonderful prediction and started digging the ant-hill.

He found a huge amount of gold and precious stones in it, brought it home and buried it safely in the courtyard behind his house.

This unexpected windfall gave a new impetus to Maloji’s energy.

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The Life Of Shivaji Maharaj PDF Free Download

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