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Haryana Liquor Rate List PDF Free Download


Any distillery/brewery/winery or bottling plant that wants its products to be sold in the State of Haryana shall get its brand labels approved by the Excise & Taxation Commissioner before marketing its brands in the State of Haryana.

The Distilleries and Bottling Plants situated in the State of Haryana shall get their labels approved on the same terms and conditions.

In case the distillery/bottling plant/brewery, bottling a particular brand already registered with the Department,

wants to register the same brand label from an additional source situated outside the State, it shall only be allowed by ETC, for a specified period,

if he is satisfied that there is a shortage of supply of that particular brand in the State market.

An additional label fee shall be payable for each additional label in case liquor is obtained from more than one source.

Any violation in the time frame thus specified by ETC shall attract a penalty of Rs.5.00 Lakh for a first offense,

Rs.15.00 Lakh for the second and third offense, and cancellation of brand label & license of such brand owner for a subsequent offense.


Any quantity of liquor in physical possession of the outgoing licensee at the termination of the contract for the year 2020-21 and transferred to an incoming licensee for the policy year 2022 by the provisions of the Haryana Liquor License Rules,

1970 shall not be counted towards the lifting of the annual quota for the policy year 2021-22.

A stock transfer fee shall be levied at the rate of Rs.7 per PL for country liquor, Rs.13 per PL for all brands of IMFL,

and Rs.11 per BL for Beer. Further, inter-district transfer of leftover stock of the licensee of the previous year to a current licensee may be allowed only in the case of wholesalers,

after approval of the Collector (Excise). The stock transfer fee in such cases shall be Rs. 9 per PL for country liquor, Rs.15 per PL for all brands of IMFL, and Rs.12 per BL for beer.

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Haryana Liquor Rate List PDF Free Download

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