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Madhya Pradesh Liquor Price List PDF Free Download

Madhya Pradesh Liqour Price List

About Madhya Pradesh Excise

Madhya Pradesh State Excise Department (MPED) is a part of the Commercial Tax Department (CTD) of the government. The Commercial Taxes Department of Madhya Pradesh is headed by a Principal Secretary (PS) and is responsible for the formulation of excise policy, Acts, rules and regulations, and general supervision and monitoring of the Excise Department.

Madhya Pradesh State Excise Department is responsible for the administration and monitoring of liquor trade in the state. It is entrusted with the responsibility of making laws and laying down rules relating to the manufacture, possession, sale, import, export, and transportation of liquor, consumption of intoxicants, and collection of excise revenue.

It is also responsible for making policies, laws, and rules related to entrance duty and its collection. The department is also responsible for preventing illicit liquor and evasion of excise duty and entertainment fees.

departmental structure

The head of the Excise Department is the Excise Commissioner, who sits at the head office in Gwalior. The department is divided into four different levels, namely, Headquarters (HO), Divisional level, District level, and Sub-district level.

It is organized into a State Flying Squad with an office at Bhopal, 7 Divisional Flying Squad at the Divisional Office, and 51 District Office. Apart from these, there are offices established in distilleries, breweries, bottling units, foreign liquor warehouses, country liquor warehouses/storage warehouses etc.

क्रमांकइकाई का नामन्यूनतम विक्रय मूल्यअधिकतम खुदरा मूल्य
1Bacardi India Pvt Ltd. (FL-10A), 45-A, New Mangal Near-Mittal Tolkanta, Dewas Naka, Indore305370
1MP Beer Products Ltd, Snawar Road Dist-Indore110135
1Anhuser Busch INBev India Ltd (FL-10A)235285
2M/s Anheuser Busch InBev India Indore235285
1Ms B9 BREVERAGE PVT LTD(FL-9A-OF-B-3), Maksi, Shajapur215260
1Parnod Ricard India Pvt Ltd Gwalior(FL-10B)19502340
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Madhya Pradesh Liquor Price List PDF Free Download

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