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Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics by the late Sankarācārya (Bharati Krapa Tirtha) of Govardhana Pitha is a monumental work.

In his deep-layer explorations of cryptic Vedic mysteries relating especially to their calculus of shorthand formulae and their neat and ready application to practical problems,

the late Sankarācārya shows the rare combination of the probing insight and revealing intuition of a Yogi with the analytic acumen and synthetic talent of a mathematician.

With the late Sankara Carya we belong to a race, now fast becoming extinct, of die-hard believers who think that the

Vedas represent an inexhaustible mine of profound, wisdom in matters both spiritual and temporal;

and that this store of wisdom was not, as regards its assets of fundamental validity and value at least,

gathered by the laborious inductive and deductive methods of ordinary systematic enquiry,

but was a direct gift of revelation to seers and sages who in their higher reaches of Yogic realization were competent to receive it from a Source,

perfect and immaculate. But we admit, and the late Sankarācārya has also practically admitted,

that one cannot expect to convert or revert criticism, much less carry conviction, by merely asserting one’s staunchest beliefs.

To meet these ends, one must be prepared to go the whole length of testing and verification by accepted, accredited methods.

The late Sankarācārya has, by his comparative and critical study of Vedic mathematics, making this essential requirement in Vedic studies abundantly clear.

So let us agree to gauge Vedic mysteries not as we gauge the far-off nebulae with the poet’s eye or with that of the seer, but with the alert, expert, scrutinizing eye of the physical astronomer, if we may put it like that.

The First Corollary

The first corollary naturally arising out of the Nikhilam Sutra reads in English “whatever the extent of its deficiency lessen it still further to that very extent, and also set up the square of that deficiency”.

This evidently deals with the squaring of the numbers. A few elementary examples will suffice to make its meaning and application clear:

Suppose one wants to square 9, the following are the successive stages in our minds working.

(i) We would take up the nearest power of 10, i.e. 10 itself as our base.

(ii) As 9 is 1 less than 10 we should decrease it still further by 1 and set 8 down as our left side portion of the answer 8/

(iii) And on the right hand we put down the square of that deficiency 1²

(iv) Thus 9²=81

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Vedic Mathematics Jagatguru Shankracharaya PDF

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Vedic Mathematics Book PDF Free Download

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