Satpada: Our World of Insects By Geetha Iyer & Rebecca Thomas PDF

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Satpada Our World of Insects Book PDF Free Download

Satpada Our World of Insects

Why Study Insects?

Insects form the largest group of animals and make up almost 75% of the animal kingdom. In terms of numbers and diversity, inserts are the acknowledged winners in the animal kingdom.

They occupy every available niche on the earth’s surface carrying the sea. because of their inability to tolerate the high salt content of the seas.

The Latin word insect means notched because of the characteristic Indentation in the body which separates the posterior abdomen shipped from the more anterior” thorax.

However, this is a wry generalized description and is also the reason for a number of unrelated creatures quite often being dubbed as insects.

But insects are interested in a strange way- strange because they do not subscribe to those features we are familiar with or take for granted.

The skeletons of all insects are outside their bodies some insects smell with their king feelers others hear with their legs for the ears are placed in their knees, legs for sometimes in their abdomens.

They have no vocal cord yet speak (produce sands) by robbing one part of their body with another, the salivary glands in the caterpillars of scene maths pride ilk and the hind wings have become balancing organs in lies.

They are so amusing, at adaptation that their body parts have transdermal according to their needs for survival. So, how do they do this?

The unmatched ability of insects to adapt to a variety of living conditions has gained them au entrance to the most diverse habitats.

It is a remarkable feature that they can live anywhere on the earth: under the will, inside caves, inside other organisms, within the crevices of, or high up in, trees.

They owe their success to a number of important features, some of which we list below. (You will find these features in greater detail in the chapters that follow.)

As they evolved over the last 400 million years they have managed to serve where other forms of life have perished.

This is due to adaptive strategies unique to the insect world. Some of these are their busy sie which range from the minute (soll beetles and small body lice) to largas.

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Satpada Our World of Insects Book PDF Free Download

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