An Account Of An Embassy To The Kingdom Of Ava PDF

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An Account Of An Embassy To The Kingdom Of Ava

THERE are no countries on the habitable globe, where the arts of civilized life are understood, of which we have so limited a knowledge.

As of those that lie between the British possessions in India, and the empire of China; concerning India beyond the Ganges, scarcely more was known to the ancients, than that such a country did exist.

Undeserved importance is oftentimes attributed to that which is imperfectly known; thus, we find, in the Map of Ptolemy, the terms Aurea Regio.

Argentea Regio, and Aurea Chersonesus, bestowed on countries eastward of the Ganges, and on the Peninsula that divides the Bay of Bengal from the Magnus Sinus, or Gulph of Siam.

But although no satisfactory information is to be obtained from writers of antiquity, respecting the population, produce extent or geographical position of those regions.

Yet it may be concluded, that even at the remote era when Ptolemy compiled his chart, the ports of the Eastern Peninsula were the seats of commerce, and resorted to by foreign merchants.

As the Author distinguishes places of note, on the sea coast, by the titles Emporia; but with what people trade was carried on, or in what commodities they trafficked, is not anywhere ascertained.

From this period almost total darkness seems to have obscured India, extra Gangem, from the eyes of Europeans, until the enterprising genius of Emanuel.

At the close of the 15th century, opened a new world, and laid the foundation of general wealth to Europe, on the ruin of the Egyptian trade, and of the state of Venice.

Early in the 16th century, the Portuguese made themselves masters of Malacca and soon acquired influence among the neighboring maritime states.

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Embassy To The Kingdom Of Ava Book PDF Free Download

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