Colon Classification By SR Ranganathan

Colon Classification Book PDF Free Download

Colon Classification Book PDF Free Download

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001 Purpose Of The Book

The purpose of this book is not to expound the philosophy of classification, or discuss its theory, or provide a practice book, or furnish a primer.

These purposes are served by the authors,

1 Philosophy of library classification; 2 Classification and communication; 3 Prolegomena to library classification hereinafter referred to as Prolegomena;

4 Library classification: Fundamentals and procedure, hereinafter referred to as Fundamentals; 5 Elements of library classification, hereinafter referred to as Elements;

6 KM Sivaraman’s Colon system and its working; and 7 Palmer and Wells’ Fundamentals of library classification; 8 Another new book Practical classification by postulational approach, hereinafter referred to as Practical classification, is in preparation.

The aim of the present book is to furnish the schedules of the Colon Classification, and the Rules for constructing the Colon Number for any subject.

002 Enumerative Classification

The Colon Classification differs from the Decimal Classification and the Congress Classification in some fundamental respects. It is their manifest aim to provide ready-made Class

Numbers for most subjects. Hence, such manuals consist, for the most part, of the Schedules of Classification. And their Schedules are, by several times, larger than that of the Colon Classification. Each such scheme is called an Enumerative Classification. Colon Classification is not an enumerative scheme.

003 Analytico-Synthetic Classification


In the Colon Classification, ready-made Class Numbers are not assigned to subjects. The schedule in the Colon Classification may be said to consist of certain standard unit schedules.

These correspond to the standard pieces in a Meccano apparatus. By combining these standard pieces in different ways, many different objects can be constructed.

Even a child knows this. So also, by combining the numbers in the different unit-schedules in.

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Colon Classification Book PDF Free Download

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