Marco Rubio Covid Origin Report PDF

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Marco Rubio Covid Origin Report PDF Free Download

Marco Rubio Covid Origin Report

“After years of censorship, there is growing evidence that some type of lab accident is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic,” Rubio said in a statement.

“This report, which took two years to compile, edit, and refine, is a groundbreaking look at what was happening in China during the years and months leading up to the known outbreak of the pandemic.”

But the report specifically said it does not offer a “smoking gun” on the COVID-19 origin.

“To be clear, it is the aggregate picture that emerges from this report – not any particular piece of information standing as a proverbial ‘smoking gun’ – which matters most when assessing the origin question,” the report stated.

Marco Rubio Covid Origin Report Online

The following questions served as the frame of reference for this report:

Prior to the pandemic, were biosafety conditions at laboratories studying bat coronaviruses in Wuhan subpar and potentially dangerous? If so, were the managers of these labs aware of such problems?

Were senior leaders in the ruling CCP and PRC government concerned about biosecurity and biosafety as general matters, and/or particularly concerned about the biosafety conditions at laboratories studying bat coronaviruses in Wuhan?

Is there evidence that a laboratory incident occurred in Wuhan concurrent with the initial outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in 2019? When did the CCP leadership at the local and central levels first become aware that there was an outbreak of infectious disease?

Did they know it was caused by a novel pathogen? If so, did they suspect a zoonotic spillover or a laboratory incident was most likely responsible for that outbreak?

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Marco Rubio Covid Origin Report PDF Free Download

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