2100 Yoga Asanas Poses With Complete Details PDF

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2100 Yoga Asanas Poses With Complete Details PDF Book Free Download

Yoga Asanas Poses With Complete Details

YOGA occupied in the cultural history of India from time immemorial an unparalleled and distinct recognizance as the one and only practical system of physical, mental, moral and spiritual culture.

Through its elaborate system of practical training or kriya yoga, it sublimates man to divinity by a scientific scheme of education which affects not only the conscious but also the subconscious planes.

Its elaborate technique of physical education, hygiene and autotherapy endows exhuberant health contributive to longevity; its intricate psychosomatic and mental practices habituate one to moral and mental discipline, and its subliminal psychic education and processes finally culminate into positive and lasting happiness and peace.


In consequence, various shades of misunderstanding seem to have prevailed and sull continue to prevul regarding Yoga-sts place in the life of man, his evolution and his achievements not only in foreign lands but most unfortunately even in India, the place of its birth.

The ignorant and the misinformed have come to believe that it is some form of white or black magic, obscure sorcery, pseudo-supernatural trickery, physical and mental mortification or orgies of secret ritualism through which, in some unaccountable manner, miraculous feats are performed.

These misconceptions thus have frightened many, and they are still frightening not a few The superstitious have come to regard it with awe and reverence, almost with fear.


Yoga, interpreted in rational synthesis, represents the way of life which endows perfect health physical, mental, moral and spiritual-so that what is ignoble in man is sublimated to what is most noble in him.

To achieve this great art and science of life, a comprehensive practical system of self-culture has been formulated which through interchangeable harmonious development of one’s body, mind and psychic potencies ultimately leads to physical well-being, mental harmony, moral elevation and habituation to spiritual consciousness.

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Yoga Asanas Simplified By Shri Yogendra

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Yoga Asanas Poses With Complete Details PDF Book Free Download

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