KCET Chemistry Formulas PDF

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KCET Chemistry Formulas PDF Free Download

KCET Chemistry Formulas

This is very helpful for those students who are preparing for KCET Examination 2023. These physics, chemistry, and mathematics booklet cover all the important formulas chapter-wise in a single booklet. 

As we all know KCET is considered to be one of the most difficult exams at the state level examination for B.Tech, M.Tech, B.E, and M.E.

There are lots of questions to be practiced for a final exam and lots of formulas in each subject.

So here we solved your problem with free kcet formula booklet pdf of each subject, you can easily find the material that you are looking for and practice accordingly for the KCET examination.

Advantages of KCET Formula Booklet:

  • The KCET exam is a difficult exam and has lots of syllabi, so a formula booklet helps you to revise each formula separately.
  • With the help of a formula booklet, you can easily solve any question. 
  • Formula Booklet consumes your timeframe to solve different questions. 
  • You will not be confused about similar formulas when you practice with the formula booklet.
  • Easy calculation trick, so that you don’t need to follow long lengthy formulas.

You can be an expert, just practice all these KCET Formula Booklets so that you can solve any question, and practice all the related questions for the examination and give your best.  

Molecules: They are identifiable units of matter consisting of two or more atoms of the same element or of different elements combined in a definite ratio.

Atomicity: It is defined as the number of atoms present in a molecule.

Monoatomic: They consist of only one atom, e.g., He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Na, K, etc.

Diatomic: They consist of two atoms, e.g., H2, Br2, Cl2, F2, I2, N2, O2, HCl, HBr, etc.

Triatomic: They consist of three atoms, e.g., O3, H2O, SO2, CO2, etc.

Tetra-atomic: They consist of four atoms, e.g., P4, SO3, NH3, etc.

Penta-atomic: It contains five atoms, e.g., CH4, CCl4, SiCl4, etc.

Hexa-atomic: It contains six atoms, e.g., C2H4, H2SO3.

Hepta-atomic: It contains seven atoms, e.g., H2SO4.

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KCET Chemistry Formulas PDF Free Download

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