Letters From A Father To His Daughter: Jawaharlal Nehru PDF

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Letters From A Father To His Daughter Book PDF Free Download

Letters From A Father To His Daughter

When you grow up you will read about the story of the earth and her people in fat books and you will find it more interesting than any other story or novel that you may have read.

You know of course that our earth is very, very old -millions and millions of years old. And for a long long time, there were no men or women living in it.

Before the men came there were only animals, and before the animals, there was a time when no kind of life existed on the earth.

It is difficult to imagine this world of ours, which is so full today of all kinds of animals and men, to be without them.

But scientists and those who have studied and thought a great deal about these matters tell us that there was a time when the earth was too hot for any living being to live on.

I And if we read their books and study the rocks and the fossils (the remains of old animals) we can ourselves see that this must have been so.

You read history in books. Bur in old times when men did not exist surely no books could have been written. How then can we find out what happened then?

We cannot merely sit down and imagine everything This would be very interesting for we could imagine anything we wanted to and would thus make up the most beautiful fairy tales.

But this need not be true as it would not be based on any facts that we had seen. But although we have no books written in those far-off days, fortunately.

These letters were written to my daughter Indira in the summer of 1928 when she was in the Himalayas at Mussoorie and I was in the plains below. They were personal letters addressed to a little girl, ten years of age.

But friends, whose advice I value, have seen some virtue in them, and have suggested that I might place them before a wider audience.

I do not know if other boys and girls will appreciate them. But I hope that such of them as read these letters may gradually begin to think of this world of ours as a large family of nations.

And I hope also, though with diffidence, that they may find in the reading of them a fraction of the pleasure that I had in the writing of them.

The letters end abruptly. The long summer had come to an end and Indira had to come down from the mountains. And there was no Mussoorie or other hill station for her in the summer of 1929.

The last three letters begin a new period and are somewhat out of place by themselves. But I have included them there is little chance of my adding to them.

I realize that the letters being in English, their circle of appeal is limited. The fault is entirely mine. I can only remedy it now by having a translation made. A Hindi translation is being prepared and, if all goes well, may soon see the light of day.

–Jawaharlal Nehru

ALLAHABAD November 1929

AuthorJawaharlal Nehru
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Letters From A Father To His Daughter Book PDF Free Download

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