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M Name List Boy

Madhav = another name of Krishna
manage = name of a Hindu month
maalolan = name of deity in ahobilam
mandate = an ancient king
madan = Cupid, god of love
madanapal = lord of love
madangopal = lord krishna
Madanmohan = attractive and lovable
modern = worthy of praise
made = lord shiva
Madhav = lord Krishna
Madhavan = lord Krishna
madhavdas = servant of lord Krishna
Madhu = honey, nectar

madhuban = lord vishnu, flower garden
Madhu Chanda = pleasing metrical composition
Madhur = a honeybee
madhukant = moon
madhukanta = the moon
Madhukar = a bee, lover
Madhu may = consisting of honey
Madhup = a honeybee
Madhur = melodious
madhusoodan = name of lord Krishna
Madhusudan = lord Krishna
madhusudhana = Krishna, one who killed the demon
madin = delightful
madur = a bird
made = son of Yadu
Magan = engrossed
maha = gazelle
maha bahu = arjuna
mahabala = great strength
Mahadev = most powerful god, lord shiva
Maharaj = a noble descent
maha kaya = gigantic. lord hanuman
mahaketu = lord shiva
mahakram = lord vishnu
mahamani = lord shiva
mahamati = one with a big brain (Ganesh)
mahanidhi = a great treasure house
mahonia = worthy of honor
mahant = great
mahapurush = great being, lord rama
maharani = pollen inside a flower
maha rath = is a great charioteer
Maharshi = a great saint
maharth = very truthful
mavin = glorious
mahatru = lord vishnu
Mahaveer = most powerful
Mahavir = most courageous among men
maheepati = the king
Mahendra = indra
Mahesh = supreme god, name of Shiva
Maheshwar = lord shiva

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M Name List Boy PDF Free Download

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