Advanced Study In The History Of Medieval India PDF

Advanced Study In The History Of Medieval India Book PDF Free Download

Advanced Study In The History Of Medieval India Book PDF Free Download

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Indian Historiography-an Islamic Heritage

Ancient Indians had no taste for historiography; their scholars cared more for religious, spiritual, and philosophical studies.

Indian historiography is essentially an Islamic heritage; it was the Muslim ulama and chroniclers who showed a keen sense of history and wrote detailed accounts of the day-to-day happenings and political upheavals.

Their primary object in doing so was, of course, the glory of Islam; they took pride in the military exploits of an amir ul hominin.

Who attempted to transform dar ul haram into dar ul Islam by the conversion of ‘infidels’ to the faith. Even otherwise, they were men of this world.

Who valued their material possessions and strove hard to multiply their worldly gains; this instinct helped them in keeping track of the events, past, and present.

The Muslim monarchs employed chroniclers, diarists, and court historians who maintained profuse records of their activities, very often in systematic and chronological order, though usually exaggerated.

The scholars produced books and poets composed masnavis on the dynastic, regional, or general histories of the Islamic earlier literary records of the Muslim chroniclers are found in Arabic.

The language of the Quran, and the Arab quiet. With the establishment of Islam in Persia, there took place a revival of Persian nationalism within the Muslim world.

It resulted in the adoption of the Persian language and culture by the Turkish dynasties, founded mostly by the slave officers of the Persian monarchs.

Consequently, along with the establishment of the Turkish rule was planted the Persian tradition of historiography in Indin.

Most of these literary records are thus found in Persian though some works are in Arabic and other languages like Turki have also come down to us.

These days we get translations in English and Indian languages of many an important work; the others are rapidly being translated and edited by the scholars.

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Advanced Study In The History Of Medieval India J L Mehta Book PDF Free Download

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