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Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam Lyrics Book PDF Free Download

Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram Lyrics And Namavali

The Lalitäsahasranama is a sequel to the Lalitopakhyana which forms part of the Brahmanda Purāṇa. It consists of three chapters. The first is only introductory, the second gives a thousand names of the great Goddess Lalita and the third contains the usual phalaśruti.

Lalita, the shortened form of Lalită-ambikā, means the Playful One. Her play consists in the creation, sustentation, and dissolution of the universe as also the lifting of devotees from Samsara (the cycle of births and deaths).

She is, therefore, the Universal Spiritual Energy, one with the Supreme Being, and can therefore be contemplated upon and worshipped in Herself, even taken out of the intricate web of Paurānika narratives.

An abstract doctrine, however, is not easily comprehensible to man ordinarily. It does not stir his mind. If he is to understand that this abstract doctrine denotes a Being who is conscious and worshipful, that Being has to be presented in human terms.

Which anthropomorphizes it but yet stimulates a sense of its Divine nature-its omniscience, omnipotence, benevolence, adorable nature, etc.

This is what the Puranas and Tantras have done through their wonderful narrative, which some intellectuals, who cannot understand their psychological effect on their believers, stigmatize as cock and bull stories.

In this pdf Lalitha sahsranama given in Sanskrit to English translation formate with detail meaning

Shloka:- सकुडुमविलेपनामलिकचुम्बिकस्तूरिकां समन्दहसितेक्षणां सशरचापपाशांकुशाम् । अशेषजनमोहिनीमरुणमाल्यभूषाम्बरां जपाकुसुमभासुरां जपविधौ स्मरेदम्बिकाम् ॥

English Shloka:- sakunkuma-vilepanām alika-cumbi-kastūrikām samanda-hasiteksanām sasara-cāpa-pāśānkuśām asesa-jana-mohinīm aruna-mālya-bhūsānbarām japā-kusuma-bhāsurām japavidhau smaredam bikām

Meaning:- At the time of performing Japa we should meditate on the Mother, whose body is anointed all over with vermilion and musk that attracts the bees, whose glance itself is a lovely smile, who holds in her hands the bow, the arrow, the noose, and the goad, who captivates every one without exception, who is adorned with red garlands and ornaments and who shines with the hue of China rose.

AuthorEight Vaag Devis
Language English
No. of Pages302
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Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam Lyrics Book PDF Free Download

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