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Green Trends Salon Price List

Fuelled by the vision of making beauty and styling accessible to all, an aspiration that was earlier restricted only to the privileged, FMCG giant Cavinkare launched a first-of-its-kind professional, unisex salon chain “green trends”.

Green Trends transformed the landscape of salons and made beauty and styling aspirations a reality for all.

With a vast network of 375+ salons, Green Trends delivers its vision of accessible beauty and styling services to the far-reaching corners of the country with its presence across 50+ cities.

With scientifically designed services using world-class products delivered by certified skin and hair experts, green trends cater to one’s head-to-toe grooming, beauty and styling needs at an exceptional value.

A strong proponent of the philosophy that beauty and style are unique to each, the green trends’ experience is built on the pillar of a ‘culture of consultation’ where our certified experts hand-pick products and recommend salon services best suited for every individual customer.

Continuous innovation of the service offering and meticulous focus on salon experience has led to green trends enjoying a large and loyal customer base of over 20 lac customers which is ever growing.

Hair Spa and Treatment Charges

Head Massage – Pure Coconut Nourisher₹460₹ 550
Head Massage – Menthol Chiller₹460₹ 550
Head Massage – Almond Indulgence₹485₹ 585
Head Massage – Olive Bliss₹485₹ 585
Express Oil Spa₹590₹ 710
Hair Spa*₹1,040₹ 1,250
Deep Conditioning Oil Spa*₹1,240₹1,485
Absolut Repair Treatment*
For Dry To Damaged Hair
Nutritive Treatment*
For Normal To Dull Hair
Anti-Breakage Strengthening Treatment*
For Brittle Hair
Moroccan oil Treatment*₹1,190₹1,430
Intense Smoothening Treatment*
For Frizzy Hair
Anti-Dandruff Treatment*₹1,210₹1,455
Mythic Oil Royal Ritual*
For Thick Hair
Mythic Oil Royal Ritual*
For Thin Hair
Keratin Protect Treatment*₹1,430₹1,720
Wella Sp Express Alchemy Treatment*₹ 1760₹ 2115
Wella Sp Intense Alchemy Treatment*₹ 2090₹ 2510
Wella Sp Liquid Hair Keratin Restore Treatment*₹ 2640₹ 3170
Wella Sp Anti-Dandruff Treatment*₹ 2530₹ 3040
Wella Sp Anti-Hairfall Treatment*₹ 2750₹ 3300
Moroccan oil Intense Hydrating Treatment*
For Dry Hair
₹ 1760₹ 2115
Moroccan oil Intense Repair Treatment*
For Damaged Hair
₹ 2065₹ 2475
Morocconoil Weightless Hydrating Treatment*
For Fine Hair
₹ 2065₹ 2475
Morocconoil Intense Repair Treatment*
For Damaged Hair
₹ 2065₹ 2475
Moroccan oil Intense Smoothing Treatment*
For Frizzy Hair
₹ 2420₹ 2905
Moroccan oil Scalp Treatment*
For Oily/Dry Scalp
₹ 3080₹ 3700

Hair Straightening / Smoothening Rates

Smartbond Protect For Straightening *₹605₹730
Keratin Hair Taming System*
For Straight Hair
Keratin Hair Taming System*
For Wavy Hair
Keratin Boost Spa*₹1,760₹2,115

My Green Trends Haircut & Styling Price List

Trendy Kiddy Cut₹160₹195
Haircut – Basic
(With Shampoo, Conditioner, And Blast Dry)
Haircut – Advanced
(With Shampoo, Conditioner, And Blow Styling)
Creative Haircut
(With Shampoo, Conditioner, And Blow Styling)
Shampoo And Conditioning*₹270₹325
Blow Style Setting*
(With Shampoo & Conditioner)
Roller Setting₹960₹1,150

Hair Colouring Services Price List

Pro10 Root Touch-Up₹700₹845
Root Touch-Up₹910₹1,090
Premium Root Touch-Up (Ammonia-Free)₹1,335₹1,605
Henna Colouring*₹595₹715
Pro10 Colouring*₹1,780₹2,135
Global Colouring*₹2,305₹2,770
Premium Colouring (Ammonia-Free)*₹3,190₹3,830
Streaks – Per Streak₹260₹315
Advanced Streaks – Per Streak
(Includes Pre-Lightening)
Smartbond Protect For Colouring*₹605₹730

Skin Care Services Price List

Cream Bleach-Face₹165₹200
Cream Bleach-Neck₹165₹200
Detan – Face₹260₹315
Detan – Neck₹260₹315
Herbal Face Clean-Up₹545₹655
Skin Lightening Face Clean-Up₹605₹730
Insta Whitening Clean-Up₹970₹1,170
Fruit Secrets Facial₹730₹875
Herbal Secrets Facial₹800₹960
Aroma Skin Lightening Facial₹1,210₹1,455
Gold Facial₹1,550₹1,859
Vita-C Glow Facial₹1,375₹1,650
Fair Bloom Facial₹1,650₹1,980
Skin Brightening Facial₹1,925₹2,310
Platinum Glow Facial₹1,925₹2,310
Youth Restore Facial₹1,925₹2,310
24 Karat Gold Facial₹2,200₹2,640
Perfect White Facial₹2,200₹2,640
Active Charcoal Facial₹2,365₹2,840
Skin Lightening Advanced Facial₹2,640₹3,170
Illumina Facial₹2,750₹3,300
Insta Whitening Facial₹3,190₹3,830
Oxygen Facial₹3,190₹3,830
Thermo Lift Facial₹4,400₹5,280
Express Glow Service With Green Mask₹1,210₹1,455
Express Glow Service With Reaffirming Mask₹1,210₹1,455
Express Glow Service With Vitamin Vegetable Mask₹1,210₹1,455
Express Glow Service With Goji Mask₹1,335₹1,605
Express Glow Service With Gold Mask₹1,455₹1,745
Under Eye Treatment – Advanced₹730₹875

Body Care Services Price List

Threading – Eyebrow₹45₹55
Threading – Upper Lip₹45₹55
Waxing – Half Arms₹185₹220
Waxing – Full Arms₹230₹275
Waxing – Half Legs₹270₹325
Waxing – Full Legs₹325₹395
Flavored Waxing – Full Arms₹310₹375
Flavored Waxing – Half Legs₹380₹460
Flavored Waxing – Full Legs₹450₹540
Flavoured Waxing – Full Legs₹540₹650
Rica Flavoured Waxing – Half Arms₹340₹410
Rica Flavoured Waxing – Full Arms₹415₹495
Rica Flavoured Waxing – Half Legs₹490₹590
Rica Flavoured Waxing – Full Legs₹590₹710
Rica Flavoured Waxing – Underarms₹150₹185
Rica Flavoured Waxing – Upper lip/Chin/Forehead₹95₹120
Cartridge Waxing – Half Arms₹340₹410
Cartridge Waxing – Full Arms₹415₹495
Cartridge Waxing – Half Legs₹490₹590
Cartridge Waxing – Full Legs₹590₹710
Regular Manicure₹305₹365
French Manicure₹365₹440
Paraffin Manicure₹415₹495
Mint-O-Kool Manicure₹485₹585
Crystal Crush Manicure₹795₹955
Ice Cream Manicure – Regular₹365₹440
Ice Cream Manicure – Premium₹785₹945
Ice Cream Manicure – Signature₹1,015₹1,220
Regular Pedicure₹525₹630
Paraffin Pedicure₹660₹795
Mint-O-Kool Pedicure₹660₹795
Chocolate Foot Spa₹750₹905
Crystal Crush Pedicure₹795₹955
Ice Cream Pedicure – Regular₹495₹595
Ice Cream Pedicure – Premium₹900₹1,080
Ice Cream Pedicure – Signature₹1,130₹1,355
Heel Peel Treatment₹2,140₹2,570

Green Trends Bridal Makeup Charges

Makeup TypePRICE
Hairdo – Basic₹1,100
Party Makeup₹2,475
Party Makeup (Mac)₹3,575
Saree Draping₹385
Trial Hairdo (Maximum Trial Of 3 Hairdos)₹770
Trial Makeup (Half Face)₹965
Trial Makeup Mac (Half Face)₹1,255
Hairdo – Creative₹1,650
Bridal Makeup₹3,850
Bridal Makeup – Expert₹6,600
Bridal Makeup (MAC)₹7,150
Bridal Makeup (MAC) – Expert₹9,900
HD Airbrush Makeup -Trial (Half Face)₹1,870
HD Airbrush Makeup₹16,500
Bridal Makeover (Makeup, Hairdo, Saree Draping, File & Polish)₹5,280
Bridal Makeover (Makeup, Hairdo, Saree Draping, File & Polish) – Expert₹8,030
Bridal Makeover (Makeup – MAC Hairdo, Saree Draping, File & Polish)₹8,250
Bridal Makeover (Makeup – MAC, Hairdo, Saree Draping, File & Polish) – Expert₹11,000
Bridal Saree Draping₹550
Mehendi Arabic – Per Side₹365
Mehendi Leg – Per Side₹515
Mehendi Hand – Per Side₹525
Mehendi Bridal Special – Per Side₹1,020
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