Parryware Product Price List 2023 PDF

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Parryware Product With Price List

G2221A1 ORION WM Sink Cock 1600Rs.
G2220A1 ORION DM Sink Cock 1600 Rs.
T4157A1 AtlantisConcealed Shower Mixer UpperTrim 2180 Rs.
G4502A1 Atlantis Pillar Tap with Inner Head 2000 Rs.
T4126A1 Atlantis Concealed Diverter Upper Trim 3140
T4116A1 Atlantis Wall mounted bath shower 8080
T4102A1 Atlantis Pillar Tap 3590
T4150A1 Atlantis Sink mixer deck mounted 5110
T4158A1 Atlantis Wall mounted shower 7180
T4114A1 Atlantis Basin Mixer without Pop up 6420
T3807A1 Galaxy Angle Valve 1370
T9989A1 Marvel Wall Spout 1650
T9988A1 Marvel-Bathroom in a box(Aditya const.) 10700
T9963A1 Marvel Bathroom in A Box 15700
T9978A1 Marvel (II) Bathroom in a Box 13500
T4057A1 Meander Concealed Shower Mixer UpperTrim 1920
G4402A1 Meander Pillar Tap with Inner Head 2000
T4026A1 Meander Concealed Diverter Upper Trim 2830
T4058A1 Meander Wall mounted shower 5760
T4002A1 Meander Pillar Tap 3290
T4050A1 Meander Sink mixer deck mounted 4850
T4016A1 Meander Wall mounted bath shower 6720
T4014A1 Meander Basin Mixer without Pop up 6120
G4451A1 Meander – Upper Trim (CSC 1/2” & 3/4”) 500
T4357A1 Trento Concealed Shower Mixer UpperTrim 2830
G4302A1 Trento Pillar Tap with Inner Head 2000
T4314A3 Trento Mezzo Plus Basin Mixer 8840
T4326A1 Trento Concealed Diverter Upper Trim 3790
T4350A1 Trento Sink mixer deck mounted 5310
T4302A3 Trento Mezzo Plus Pillar Tap 6060
T4302A1 Trento Pillar Tap 4250
T4302A2 Trento Mezzo Pillar Tap 5110
T4358A1 Trento Wall mounted shower 6970
T4364A1 Trento High Neck Pillar Tap 6970
T4314A1 Trento Basin Mixer without Pop up 7020

T4346A1 Trento High Neck Basin Mixer 9750
T4316A1 Trento Wall mounted bath shower 8290
T4314A2 Trento Mezzo Basin Mixer 7930
G4351A1 Trento – Upper Trim (CSC 1/2” & 3/4”) 500
G1762A1 ZEN CON. STOP VALVE 3/4” 1620
G1761A1 ZEN CON. STOP VALVE 1/2” 1620
G4151A1 Zen X – Upper Trim (CSC 1/2” & 3/4”) 800
G4150A1 ZenX Concealed Diverter Upper Trim 2800Rs.
G4161A1 ZenX Concealed Stop Cock 1/2” 1800
G4162A1 ZenX Concealed Stop Cock 3/4” 1850
G4107A1 ZenX Angle Valve with Wall Flange 1600
G1704A1 ZEN BIB CK – C 1650
G4127A1 Zen X Bathtub Spout 1600
G4104A1 ZenX Bib Cock with Wall Flange 1950
G4128A1 Zen X Bathtub spout with diverter 2150
G4102A1 ZenX Pillar Cock with Aerator 2300
G4134A1 ZenX Two Way Bib Cock 2600
G4114A1 ZenX Basin Mixer without Pop-Up 5600
G4196A1 Zen X Conceaed Pillar cock upper trim 1890

Language English
No. of Pages188
PDF Size10 MB

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Parryware Product Price List PDF Free Download

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