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Modicare Personal Care Products Prices List 2023

About Company

India’s first direct selling company and a major player in the industry, Modicare is driven by a passion to empower the dreamer within people.

Their story is led by leaders, innovators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who cared deeply about giving people the freedom to dream and the means to achieve them too.

They have enabled people from all walks of life to dream beyond the ordinary by educating, exploring their potential, and giving them a platform where they can rediscover their true selves, furthermore, transform into successful entrepreneurs.

Mission Statement Of Company

  • By empathizing with consultants we will take ownership to solve their problems
  • By empowering a consultant to become a leader we will strengthen his group and increase longevity
  • By having a constant interaction with consultants we will strive to solve their problems
  • By recognizing the potential in every individual we will maximise their results
  • By attaining these we will win a smile to all consultants at the end of the day
CodeProduct & Pack SizePVDP(Rs.)BV
BC0002Baby Spa Nourishing Soap (75 g)1.25932.45
BC0003Baby Spa Milk Cream (50 g)1.678245.1
BC0004Baby Spa Moisturising Lotion (200 ml)2.9914780.85
BC0005Baby Spa No-Tears Shampoo (200 ml)3.2415987.45
BC0007Baby Spa Diaper Rash Cream (50 g)2.5912769.85
BC0008Baby Spa Massage Oil (200 ml)3.6117797.35
BC0009Baby Spa Talc Powder (100 g)1.396837.4
BC0010Baby Spa 2 in 1 Bubble Bath & Wash (200 ml)4.09201110.55
BC0012Baby Spa Soft Cleansing Wipes (80 pcs)3.0420582
PC2000Fresh Moments Toothpaste (100g)1.156231
PC2001Fresh Moments Toothbrush (pack of 3)3.2217487
PC2002Fresh Moments Toothbrush (pack of 4)2.7815075
PC2004Fresh Moments Gel Toothpaste (100g)1.397537.5
PC5229Sofwash White Pearl Soap (75gx4)2.9616080
PC4003Sofwash Glycerin & Honey Bar (100g x 2)2.7815075
PC4005Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Green Apple (250 ml)3.1614285.2
PC4001Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Berry Strawberry (250 ml)3.1614285.2
PC4002Sofwash 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Citrusy Lime (250 ml)3.1614285.2
BC0011Sofwash Kids 3 IN 1 Hand Wash, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath – Bubble Gum (250 ml)5.31239143.4
PC0001Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Allantoin & Vitamin E) (200 ml)4.87219131.4
PC5243Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Allantoin & Vitamin E) (100 ml)3.1114084
PC0002Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Glycerine & Honey) (200 ml)4.87219131.4
PC5242Essensual Hand & Body Lotion (Glycerine & Honey) (100 ml)3.1114084
PC5244Essensual Soft & Smooth Intensive Foot Care Cream (100 ml)4.22190114
PC0004Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray-Momentum (150ml)3.6216397.8
PC0006Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray-Ocean Blue (150ml)3.6216397.8
PC0005Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray-Indulge (150ml)3.6216397.8
PC0007Essensual Perfumed Deo Spray-Oriental Spice (150 ml)3.6216397.8
PC0008Essensual Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E (60 ml)1.788048
PC0003Essensual Instante Tea Tree Oil with Vitamin E (15 ml)6.11275165
PC0012Essensual Perfumed Body Talc-Dreams (400g)3.5816196.6
PC0010Essensual Perfumed Body Talc-Dreams (100g)1.336036
PC0013Essensual Perfumed Body Talc-Wild Flower (400g)3.5816196.6
PC0011Essensual Perfumed Body Talc-Wild Flower (100g)1.336036
PC9000Essensual Body Puff – Ultra Soft & Gentle1.647444.4
PC1006FOTE Shampoo with Henna & Jojoba Oil (Hair Fall Control) (200 ml)3.0216381.5
PC1005FOTE Shampoo with Arnica & Tea Tree Oil (Dandruff Control) (200 ml)3.0216381.5
PC1002FOTE Conditioner with Aloe vera & Almond Oil (Smooth & Shine) (150 ml)3.78170102
PC5258FOTE Shampoo with Henna & Jojoba Oil (Hair Fall Control) (100 ml)1.8510050
PC5257FOTE Shampoo with Arnica & Tea Tree Oil (Dandruff Control) (100 ml)1.8510050
CodeProduct & Pack SizePVDP(Rs.)BV
PC5259FOTE Conditioner with Aloe vera & Almond Oil (Smooth & Shine) (100 ml)2.2212060
PC1014FOTE Red Obsession Hydrating Mist (100 ml)11.56520312
PC1015FOTE Calming White Hydrating Mist (100 ml)11.56520312
PC1016FOTE Blooms of Eden Hydrating Mist (100 ml)11.56520312
PC3002Salon Hair Oil with Conditioner (100 ml)1.819849
PC3001Salon Daily Shine-Nourishing Shampoo (200ml)4.07183109.8
PC3000Salon Clean & Protect- Dandruff Control Shampoo (200 ml)4.44200120
PC5247Salon Professional Advance Formula Hair Fall Defense Shampoo (200 ml)5.18233139.8
PC5245Salon Professional Advance Formula Dandruff Care Shampoo (200 ml)5.18233139.8
PC5246Salon Professional Advance Formula Smooth & Shine Shampoo (200 ml)5.18233139.8
PC5248Salon Professional Advance Formula Radiant Shine Conditioner (200 ml)5.47246147.6
PC5232Salon Professional Hair Color-Natural Black (1)6.15415166
PC5233Salon Professional Hair Color-Dark brown (2)6.15415166
PC5234Salon Professional Hair Color-Brown (3)6.15415166
PC5235Salon Professional Hair Color-Chocolate (4)6.15415166
PC5236Salon Professional Hair Color-Light Brown (5)6.15415166
PC5237Salon Professional Hair Color-Dark Blond (6)6.15415166
PC5280Salon Professional Advance Formula Nourish & Shine Hair Oil (100 ml)1.819849
PC5011Velocity Men Smooth Shave Gel (50 g)2.1410557.75
PC5008Velocity Men Hair Styling Gel (50 g)1.597842.9
PC5004Velocity Men Energising Shower Gel (150 ml)4.26209114.95
PC5007Velocity Men Fortifying Shampoo (150 ml)3.3616590.75
PC5001Velocity Men After Shave Splash (100 ml)3.81187102.85
PC5003Velocity Men Deodorising Body Talc (100 g)1.226033
PC5010Velocity Men Premium Shaving Cream (70 g)2.0410055
PC5002Velocity Men Body Spray (125 ml / 88 g)3.1517085
PC6032Velocity Men Fortifying Hair Conditioner (100ml)3.1215384.15
PC5009Velocity Men Oil Clear Face Wash (50 g)2.4411066
PC5005Velocity Men Fairness Cream (50 g)2.6912172.6
PC6035Velocity Men Cool Menthol Shampoo (150ml)3.3616590.75
PC5012Velocity Men Twin Blade Plus Readyshaver (Pk of 5)1.7812048
PC5014Velocity Men 7 in 1 Beard Growth Oil (30ml)-NEW6.03296163
PC6049Sanitary Napkin – Regular 245 mm (15 pads)4.18205112.75
PC6050Sanitary Napkin – Large 290 mm (15 pads)4.58225123.75
PC6051Sanitary Napkin – X-Large 320 mm (15 pads)4.89240132

An Industrialist, a Patriot, a Philanthropist; Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi founded the group in the year 1933 with a sugarcane factory; an honest and imaginative man with exemplary courage who knew not only how to make a fortune but also to deploy it profusely.

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  1. I was also a Modi care member, approx 25years ago. But, I like your products. It would be very kind of you, if you can WhatsApp(in PDF )me your current price list for your products at & oblige. Thanks, 🙏

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