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The distance between party’s corner and Egmore is 2.5 Km. On inspection of road map, its equivalent distance measures 5 cm. Draw a diagonal scale to read 50 meters minimum. Show on it a distance of 6350 metres.

Draw an inferior epitrochoid of base circle 150 mm diameter and rolling circle 50 mm diameter. The tracing point P is 20 mm from the center of the rolling circle.

(a) A square lamina of side 35 mm is parallel to HP with one of its sides is inclined at 30 to VP. The lamina is 20 mm above HP. Draw its top and front views and show its traces.

(b) Determine the locations of the following points with respect to HP and VP. (i) Point A whose front view is 70 mm above XY and top view 50 mm below

(i) Point B whose front view is 40 mm below XY and top view 55 mm above XY

(i) Point C whose front view is 45 mm above XY and top view 60 mm above XY.

4. A pentagonal pyramid of base side 40 mm abd axis length 80 mm is lying on the HP on one of its triangular faces with its axis parallel to the VP. It is cut by a plane inclined at 30° to the HP and perpendicular to the VP.

The cuttting plane meets the axis at 15 mm from the base. Draw the front view, sectional top view and the true shape of the section.

the axis of cylinder is 9 mm away from the axis of the cone and at a distance 30 mm above the base of the cone. Draw projection of the solids showing the curves of inter section between the solids.

A cylinder of base diameter 30 mm axis is 60 mm is resting centrally on a slab of 60 mm square and thickness 20 mm. Draw the isometric projection of the combination of the solids.

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Textbook of Engineering Drawing Book Pdf Free Download

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