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Drawing Comics The Marvel

Let’s say you want to photograph the inside of a room. sounds simple, huh? But what about furniture? You want it to look natural, feel like it’s yours, and most importantly, feel like it’s not some piece floating in space.

They have to look accurate and realistic in relation to each other. Well, that’s what perspective means.

In the two pictures on the front page, notice how John uses his eye level (the horizon line) and his vanishing points to keep everything in proper perspective.

It doesn’t matter what level the viewer’s eye is at, getting the perspective right makes everything fall into place pleasantly.

And, did you notice that the chair at the bottom of the bottom picture is bent at a different angle than the other pieces of furniture,

so that it moves to different vanishing points? This gives us the third and fourth vanishing points on the same horizon line.

If this sounds overly complicated to you, don’t worry.

Johnny had to explain this to me about a half dozen times and I’m still struggling with most of it! However, let’s turn to the next page and tackle a problem or two.

But, if we change the angle (position) of the square, see how the circle will also change. See how it becomes oval.

Now, if we draw a cube (two squares in perspective, side by side), and then draw two ellipses within the squares, and connect the ellipses, we potentially get a wheel-drawn,

Just thought you might like to see how to divide a square shape into two parts with proper perspective. Simply draw straight lines from one corner to the other, as shown.

Most people can draw some sort of face and head – even if the head is just a simple circle with two dots for the eyes and a straight line for the mouth. (Sometimes if you leave out the nose in a sketch like this, no one will forget!)

However, it’s time to study the ends made the Marvel way. And, since we’ve got to start somewhere, let’s examine the sketches on these pages.

Note that the head drawn in profile should generally fit into a square (as shown), with part of the nose and chin protruding.

Also note that the eyes usually fall in the middle of the skull, between the top of the dome and the bottom of the chin.

If you divide the skull into four equal parts from top to bottom, the nose will usually be in the second quarter above the chin – the ears will be at about the same level.

As you can also see, the head is not a perfect oval in full view because of the slope in the jaw that makes the bottom of the skull much narrower than the top.

The head is generally five eyes wide.

There is a distance of one eye between both the eyes.

To determine the width of the mouth, draw an equilateral triangle starting at the top (bridge) of the nose.

The triangle points down, touching the nostrils on the outside of the nose, right? Absolutely! Well, the width of the mouth is determined by where the two lines cross the line of the mouth! The same shortcut applies to the chin as well.

Simply draw your triangle starting at the bottom of the nose, through the lower lip (where it begins to curve upwards) and, when it touches the bottom of the head – Eureka! That’s chin width!

At this stage, keep your faces simple. Note that there are no extra lines on the forehead or around the nose or chin.

Keep the nose small and make the chin strong and firm.

Give hair body and volume. Don’t let it be completely straight on the head.

Keep your face simple. Note the curve of the upper lip – and just a small straight line for the lower lip.

WriterStan Lee & John Buscema
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Drawing Comics the Marvel Way Pdf Free Download

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