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Let’s say you want to draw the inside of a room. Sounds simple, huh? But what about the furniture? You want it to look natural, to look as if it belongs, and most important of all, to look as if some of the pieces aren’t floating in space.

They have to seem accurate and realistic in relation to each other. Well, that’s what perspective is all about.

In the two illustrations on the facing page, notice how John makes use of his eye level (horizon line) and his vanishing points in order to have everything in the correct perspective.

No matter where the viewer’s eye level maybe, everything falls into place pleasingly because the perspective is correct. • And, did you notice the way the chair at the bottom of the lower pic is angled (turned) differently than the other pieces of furniture,

so that it goes to different vanishing points? This gives us a third and fourth vanishing point on the same horizon line.

If it seems awfully complicated to you, don’t worry. Johnny had to explain it to me about a half-dozen times and I’m still wrestling with most of it! Anyway, let’s go to the next page and tackle a problem or two.

But, if we change the angle (the position) of the square, then see how the circle must change also. See how it becomes an oval.

Now then, if we draw a cube (two squares in perspective, side-by-side), and then draw two ovals within the squares, and connect the ovals, we end up with a wheel-drawn in prospective,

Just thought you’d like to see how to divide a square shape in two in the proper perspective. Simply draw straight lines from corner to corner, as shown.

WriterStan Lee & John Buscema
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Drawing Comics the Marvel Way Book Pdf Free Download

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