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Typing Lessons

Type the following in double line spacing with a margin of ten degrees: Type the following paragraphs every five times: Our National Flag has to bite Ashok Chakra on it.

This wheel is a symbol of DHARMA. If we always do the right things, we follow DHARMA. The twenty-four spokes in the wheel show the differences between our people.

A small circle connects these spokes. It shows that we are one.

The wheel also shows that we are going forward.

Our flag is a tri-colour. Saffron is the symbol of sacrifice and a strong mind.

White is the symbol of purity, love, and peace. Green is the symbol of plenty and joy.

We hoist and salute our flag. We are ready to make sacrifices for our country.

We want peace and progress. We want to be pure.

Our ‘National Anthem’ is a song by the great poet Tagore. It was his prayer song.

He sings about the people, mountains, rivers, and seas of India.

He says that God is the master of all these and that everyone and everything in India praises him. We sing this song in colors with respect.

All of us salute our National Flag and sing our National Anthem.

This shows that we are one nation. We also promise to love and respect our country, our parents, elders, teachers, and all others in India.


There is a direct relationship between people’s feelings and their productivity.

High self-esteem is evident in respect for one’s self, others, property, law, parents, and one’s country. The reverse is also true.


How do we recognize poor self-esteem? What are the behavior patterns of a person with poor self-esteem? The following is a brief list, which is not all-inclusive but indicative.

Education and training in cosmetology take you straight to the world of glamour and excitement and allow you to explore the opportunity to work with hair, skin, or nails depending upon your choice.

The different combinations of chemicals allow the creation of the right type of product for hair, skin, or nails.

Though the possibilities in the field of cosmetology are endless, you do require education or training in this field to be able to find the right path for yourself.

The aim of make-up artists is to bring out beauty without making it look like a disguise.

Make-up artists apply cosmetics to enhance a client’s appearance and also create any image a particular job calls for.

The artist should be inclined artistically like blending, shading, or creating.

A make-up artist can establish himself in a salon with a private clientele, and become a make-up director for a prestigious department store.

represent a line of cosmetics, work in Television and Movie production, find a position with a fashion magazine, or work behind the scenes in theatre production.

Operating as an independent freelancer allows you to create your own schedule or find employment with one company.

The makeup artists should concentrate on chemistry and anatomy if they want to make it to the top.

Theatre experience, especially a study of stage lighting can be really helpful.

Six months to one year of work experience in a good salon is important after training.

Volunteering your services to community theatres, fashion shows etc.,

will not only provide experience but also help in establishing contact with people who may be important to your career.

Star Campbell Place a master of make-up artistry, says that achieving delicate effects takes years of concrete training.

The more time you invest in preparing for this career the longer your career will be and the more you will get out of it.

It allows you to be independently mobile and employable. You can begin by developing a portfolio that can be presented to a potential client.

The portfolio can include before and after photographs of the make-over you have performed, along with any awards or certificates you may have earned.

The job of a Skin Care Specialist (Aesthetician) here is to offer treatments to perfect the look and health of the skin.

The aesthetician can work in a salon, teach, travel give demonstrations, or become a consultant to a cosmetic company.

The training for this job should be in a beauty salon that specializes in or emphasizes facial treatments.

These training courses are always short so he should make the best use of them.

The specialist must read as much as possible about skincare so that there is a touch of authority in what he says.

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