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Adama Products Price List

ADAMA is one of the world leaders in crop protection. With our complete portfolio of solutions, we put into practice our purpose of bringing simplicity to agriculture.

We have a long history of work and growth, made by many hands, of various nationalities, which makes us one of the largest crop protection companies in the world.

Our company’s story begins with four young entrepreneurs whose passion for chemistry drove them to launch two Israeli crop protection companies, Agan (1945) and Makhteshim (1952).

Both companies played vital roles in shaping Israel’s ground-breaking chemical and agricultural industries and together they became an international powerhouse when they merged in 1997 to create Makhteshim Agan. With the launch of our global brand in 2014, the company became known as ADAMA.

Today, ADAMA is a member of the Syngenta Group, the world’s largest agricultural inputs company.

Adama Growth Regulators Products Prices

Adama ProductsWeightPrice
Flamberge250 ml₹325
Niria1 LtrNA
Nurith1 Ltr₹600

Adama Fungicide Products Prices

Adama FungicideWeightPrice
Benmain250 g₹135
Blasil1 Ltr₹1500
Blastogan250 g₹2580
Bumper1 ltr₹1050
Custodia250 ml₹900
Cymagan600 g₹1393
Isomain1 Ltr₹900
Kohav1 LtrNA
Macoban C1 KgNA
Macoban M-451 KgNA
Maincop500 g₹330
Mainex EC1 LtrNA
Mainex SC250 ml₹300
Mainsul1 Kg₹231
Merimain1 KgNA
Mirador100 ml₹605
Myclomain250 g₹2125
Nimrod500 ml₹885
Olander1 Ltr₹3949
Orius1 Ltr₹1800
Orius FS150 ml₹7407
Proximain1 Kg₹745
Shamir1 Ltr₹950
Syscon1 Kg₹1377

Adama Herbicide Products Prices

Adama HerbicideWeightPrice
2,4-D Agan500 g₹472
2,4-D Main1 Ltr₹450
Galligan1 Ltr₹1900
Atranex500 g₹295
Clodinagan160 g₹190
Dekel350 ml₹810
Diurex500 g₹1032
Pending500 ml₹750
Glyphogan1 Ltr₹441
Metriagan500 g₹1200
Narkis100 ml₹700
Oximain350 gNA
Paranex1 Ltr₹400
Prestige1 Ltr₹400
Woodblock1 Ltr₹634
Shaked800 ml₹610
Tamar1 Kg₹1485
Vezir1 Ltr₹1352
Weedblock1 Ltr₹1352
Zoomer1 Ltr₹710

Adama Insecticide Products Prices

Adama InsecticideWeightPrice
Acemain1 Kg₹975
Agadi G1 Kg₹100
Agadi SC100 ml₹200
Agadi Super8 x 2 gNA
Agas500 g₹1500
Amnon250 g₹1300
Barazide1 Ltr₹2000
Barroz3 Kg₹1121
Bipimain1 Ltr₹700
Boregan G1 Kg₹520
Boregan SP1 Kg₹1100
Carbomain1 Kg₹135
Cohigan100 ml₹220
Cohigan WG150 g₹150
Enfuse4 Kg₹3800
Harrier500 g₹1554
Imperial1 Ltr₹1100
Lamdex1 Ltr₹446
Lamdex Super1 Ltr₹903
Mainstar1 Kg₹3000
Monomain1 LtrNA
NIMITZ1 Kg₹650
Parviz1 Ltr₹1903
Pedestal1 Ltr₹3865
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Adama Products Price List PDF Free Download

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