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VNR Seeds Price Catalogue PDF Free Download


VNR Seeds Price List

VNR Seeds, founded by a humble farmer Krishi Pandit Dr. Narayanbhai Chawda, has grown into one of the leading and most trustworthy seed companies in India.

The company believes in creating a prosperous and knowledgeable farming community by sharing with fellow farmers every new breakthrough in seed technology in the form of the best quality planting material.

Welcome to VNR Seeds. Where farmers come first.

VNR Seeds Rate List 2023

VNR Seeds CatalogueWeightPrice
VNR Aakash Seeds50 gm₹520
VNR 305 Chilli Seeds10 gm₹420
VNR Aarti Seeds50 gm₹490
Vnr Alok Seeds50 gm₹200
Charmee VNR G 303 Chilli Seeds10 gm₹325
Cow Pea Baijanti Seeds500 gm₹270
VNR Haruna Seeds50 gm₹310
VNR Krish Seeds10 gm₹280
Kumud Vnr Seeds10 gm₹195
Manjushree10 gm₹130
Papaya Ameena VNR Seeds1 gm₹390
Pari Chilli Seeds10 gm₹345
Rudraksha Bitter Gourd Seeds50 gm₹510
Sarita Seeds50 gm₹265
Shabnam VNR Seeds1 gm₹390
Shilpa 435-7 Chilli Seeds10 gm₹355
Simran VNR Seeds10 gm₹210
Sweet 70 Seeds1 Kg₹2760
Vinayak Seeds1 gm₹270
VNR 28 Bitter Gourd50 gm₹490
VNR 125 Brinjal10 gm₹125
VNR 377 Krishna Chilli Seeds10 gm₹445
VNR Cluster Mansi Beans Seeds500 gm₹290
VNR Hybrid Tinda50 gm₹165
VNR Jumbo Pumpkin50 gm₹270
VNR-ROMI Seeds10 gm₹150
AuthorVNR Seeds
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VNR Seeds Price List PDF Free Download

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