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What Young India Wants Book PDF Free Download

What Young India Wants Book PDF Free Download

My Journey

Why This Letter

Why do I write about national issues? Why should a popular fiction novelist comment on society and current events?

What right do I have to think that I can and should give my take on issues facing the country?

After all, I write stories about young people making out in confined spaces, or drinking vodka on the terrace, or falling in love.

How can I write about corruption, elections, political parties, economics and social challenges?

Can a person who works with Bollywood filmmakers ever be a meaningful voice on the nation’s burning issues?

The purpose of this letter is to provide answers to some of these questions as well The chapters that make up this book didn’t just happen.

These were a part of my destiny, especially when I look back at my life and see what shaped my views.

For this, you need to understand my background and my relationship with India, a country that has given me so much. Let me take you on a quick tour of my life so far.


I come from a simple middle-class family. Both my parents worked for the government and I grew up in Delhi.

Throughout my childhood, I remember the shortage of money being a constant theme in the house.

We had enough to run the kitchen and pay for utilities but little to build assets on or make major expenses. For instance, we couldn’t repair a broken sofa for years.

When guests came to our house, we found it expensive to serve Coke and served lemonade instead.

We rarely ate out in restaurants and when we did, we did so with caution, figuring out the cheapest and most-filling items on the menu Funnily enough, we never felt deprived.

I took the shortage of money as an essential factor of life. In a country like India, we were still better off than millions.

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What Young India Wants Book PDF Free Download

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