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One Night at The Call Centre Book PDF Free Download

8.31 p.m.

I WAS SPLASHING MY HANDS HELPLESSEY IN THE SEXI Can’t even swim in a pond, let alone in the Indian Ocean.

While I was in the water, my boss Baksha was in a boat next to me. He was pushing my head down in the water.

I saw Priyanka drifting away in a lifeboat. I screamed as Bakshi used both his hands to keep my head submerged water was filling my mouth and nostrils when I heard loud beeps in the distance

My nightmare ended as my cell phone alarm rang hard in my left ear and I woke up to its Last Christmas ring tone.

The ring tone was a gift from Shefali, my new semi-girlfriend I squinted through a half-shut eye to see 8:32 p.m. surrounded by little bells flashing on the screen.

“Damn, I said and jumped out of bed. I would have loved to analyze my dream and its significance in my insignificant life, but I had to get dressed for work.

9.05 pm

“WHAT, SAFARI. LATE AIN? The driver said as I took the front seat. Sorry sorry. Shall we go to Military Uncle’s place first? I panted to the driver.

Yes, he replied, looking at his watch. Can we get to the call centre by 10:00 pm? I have to

meet someone before their shift ends, I said. Depends if your colleagues are on time, the driver replied laconically. Anyway, let’s pick up the old man first.

Military Uncle hates it if we are late. I prepared myself for some dirty looks. His tough manner comes from his days in the Army, from which he retired a few years ago.

At fifty-plus he is the oldest person in the call centre. I don’t know him well, and I won’t talk about him much.

but I do know that he used to live with his son and daughter-in-law before he moved out for which read thrown out-to be on his own.

The pension was meagre, and he tried to supplement his income by working in the call centre. However, he hates to talk and is not a voice agent.

He sits on the solitary online chat and email station. Even though he sits in our room, his desk is at a far corner near the fax machine.

He rarely speaks more than three words at a time. Most of his interactions with us are limited to giving us condescending young people glances.

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One Night at The Call Centre Book PDF Free Download

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