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You Were My Crush Book PDF Free Download

You Were My Crush

Ever seen the guy who drives like a maniac in a ridiculously big car? The guy with the powerful dad? The big house? Well, I am that guy.

Benoy Roy I am not flashy, but I have a big car and a big house, and there is no hiding that. But yes, I do not look rich.

I stand five feet and ten inches tall and look like someone you would miss on a busy road.

Wheatish complexion, slim, with short, neat hair that is what my matrimonial ad would read like. Often. I have heard people say, He does not look that rich.

I do not blame them; I was never impressed by what I saw in the mirror either.

Well, it was another morning for me. I was in no hurry again. Life was awesome. I did not have to worry about the early morning lecture, shouting professors or pending assignments.

My bead did not hurt even though I was sure I had sloshed the night since I was on the couch and not on my bed where I should have been!

I was still in the clothes I had won the previous night to the club. I must have passed out, I thought.

These nights of excessive drinking, blackouts and bad hangovers were becoming a routine. This is the last time I am drinking, I said to myself.

I was lying. I tried to remember why I had not gone up to my bedroom and slept, but I really could not.

I tried to recall the girl I had danced with the previous night, but I could not remember that clearly either. I remembered the name though. Palak.

I smiled. She was pretty, and Deb had introduced me to her. As I heated the coffee and poured it into a cup, my phone rang.

It was Eshaan and he asked me the same question that he did every day. Was I going to college that day.

No, I was not! I didn’t have a hangover but I did not want to spoil that day sitting on those broken benches, beneath the creaky fans.

Moreover, three back-to-back lectures were not my thing! Just as I switched on the television, the door was flung wide open.

AuthorDurjoy Datta
Orvana Ghai
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CategoryFiction & Novel


You Were My Crush Book PDF Free Download

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