Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha

Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha Book PDF Free Download

Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

MIQUEL DE CERVANTES SAAVEDRA was born at Alcala de Henares, a town of New Castile, famous for its T’niversity, founded by Cardinal Ximenes.

He was of gentle birth, bh on his father’s and mother’s side.

Rodrigo de Cervantes, his father, was descended from an ancient family of Galicia, of which several branches were settled in some of the principal cities of Spain.

His mother’s name was Leonora de Cortenas.

We find by the parish register of Santa Mari la Mayor, at Alcara de Henares, that Miguel was baptized in that church on Sunday, the oth of October, 1547; in which your we may conclude, therefore, that he was born.

The discovery of this bap tismal register set at rest a dispute which had for some time been going on between soven different cities, each of which claimed the honour of being the native place of our author:

these were, besides the one already mentioned, Seville, Madrid, Esquivias, Toledo, Lucena, and Alcazar de San Juan.

In this respect we cannot avoid drawing a comparison between the fame of Cervantes and the prince of poets, Homer.

From a child he discovered a great liking for books, which no doubt determined his parents, whose fortune, notwithstanding their good family, was anything but affluent, to educate him for one of the learned professions, by which alone at that time there was any chance of getting wealth.

Miguel, however, did not take to the strict studion proposed to him: not that he was idle; his days were spent in reading books of amusement,

such as novels, romances and couma It was of the materials afforded by such a pursuit that his fame was after wards built.

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Adventures of Don Quixote de la Mancha Book PDF Free Download

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