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Tales Of Shiva Amar Chitra Katha

The Puranas are full of legends about the victories of Shiva over the forces of evil. As Rudra or Bhairava, he is the destroyer of evil.

As Shankar’s or Shiva the auspicious”-he restores that which is destroying ed. He is also the ideal Mahavogi, a great asset, engaged in meditation.

According to Puranic legends, Sat, the daughter of Daksha, is his consort. Daksha however, does not hold his ascetic son-in-law in high esteem.

Daksha performs a Mahayana, to which he invites all except Shiva Sazi to find it difficult to bear the insult meted out to her lord.

And when Daksha deliberately slants Shiva, unable to bear the humiliation Sani enters the sacred fire. She is reborn as Parvati, daughter of Himavat.

Kumara Sambhawa Kalidasa on which this illustrated classic is hashed narrates the enduring love of Parvan for Shiva and her efforts at winning over her beloved by penances and austerities.

To this day. the abiding love of Parvati for Shiva is the theme of many a folk song in Indian languages.

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Shiva Parvati Book PDF Free Download

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