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Hello, we found a book from the Archeological Survey of India, The name of the original book is Witty Tales And Badshah & Birbal.

This book was published in May 1946 by M.S. Patel. With a good story, you will also find some photos of Badshah playing polo, Prince Saleem, Photo of Nurjahan(Wife of Jahangir) in this book.

In the starting pages of this book, you find the short story about Akbar and Birbal’s first meeting and their historical background.

Stories In This Book(Index of Book)

  1. I Know God By Reasoning
  2. Brave Yet Timid
  3. A New Calendar
  4. The Grateful And The
  5. Ungrateful
  6. A Biter Bit Counting The Crows
  7. An Elephant or a Musician
  8. Who Is Guilty?
  9. A Clever Reply
  10. As You Sow, So Will You Reap
  11. The World Father Whither Does the Sun Go?
  12. Whom Does God Help?
  13. Whither To Go?
  14. A Jury of Untouchables
  15. Buddhi Sagar
  16. Who Will Conquer?
  17. An Obstinate Child
  18. The Centre of The Earth A Diamond of Sugar
  19. An Ass’s Burden
  20. Who Is An Ass? Truth and Falsehood
  21. Who Is Greater?
  22. A Knotty Problem Counting The Stars
  23. Hair On the Palm
  24. The Acme of Intelligence
  25. The Dearest Object
  26. Who Is Blind?
  27. A Colony of Idlers
  28. Shall Do All Talking
  29. In Charge of Dogs
  30. What Next?
  31. Rama or Akbar?
  32. A Strange Wedding
  33. Whose Fault?
  34. A Chip Of the A Waxen Prince
  35. Old Block
  36. The Objects of Hatred
  37. A Contest of Wit
  38. Nymph & A Witch A Crucial Test
  39. A Set of Questions
  40. Who Should Break The News ?…
  41. A Battle of Wits
  42. Whose Servant?
  43. Who Is Wise?
  44. Three Questions
  45. Darkness In Light
  46. A Jest Recoils Upon The Jester…
  47. Four In One
  48. A Cure For A Scorpion-Bite
  49. The Champa Flower
  50. Without Brains
  51. Darkness Beneath A Lamp
  52. The Art of Detecting Thieves May Be Falsified
  53. Even Eyes
  54. Half the Prize
  55. Greater Than God
  56. A Cunning Tailor
  57. Who Is Happy?
  58. Reading Of Thoughts
  59. Who Takes Tobacco?
  60. Pulling The Beard Heaven and Hell
  61. Who is a Glutton?
  62. Whose Father?
  63. Catching The Thief
  64. A Bull’s Milk
  65. Only For Money
  66. Back From Heaven A Story That Has No End
  67. An Unprecedented Task Wild Trees
  68. Saved From The Gallows
  69. Bangles On The Hand
  70. The Number Of Men and
  71. Women
  72. Kavi Gang’s Cleverness
  73. An Apt Answer
AuthorAmar Chitra Katha
PDF Size7.4 MB
CategoryStory, Comics

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