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Aghora Book Summary

Vimalananda, the subject of this book, designed the cover and dictated to the author the following regarding its symbolic meaning:

“Ghora is darkness, the darkness of ignorance. Aghora means light, the absence of darkness. Under the Tree of Knowledge is an Aghori, a follower of the path of Aghora.

He has gone beyond ignorance thanks to the Flame of Knowledge which billows from the funeral pyre. The funeral pyre is the ultimate reality, a continual reminder that everyone has to die.

Knowledge of the ultimate reality of Death has taken the Aghori beyond the Eight Snares of Existence: lust, anger, greed, delusion, envy, shame, disgust, and fear which bind all beings.

The Aghori plays with a human skull, astonished by the uselessness of limited existence, knowing the whole world to be within him though he is not in the world. His spiritual practices have awakened within him the power of Kundalini, which takes the form of the goddess dancing on the funeral pyre: Smashan Tara.

He is bewildered to think that all is within him, not external to him; that he sees it not with the physical eyes but with the sense of perception.

The Flame of Knowledge is that which preserves life, the Eternal Flame, the Supreme Ego, the Motherhood of God which creates the whole Maya of the universe and thanks only to Whose grace the Aghori has become immortal.

The contents of this book have been encapsulated on its cover: the breadth, the power, the majesty, and the divine delirium of Aghora.

Context In The Book

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Ma
  • Ma Chapter Two: Shakti
  • Maya Shakti
  • Kali and Kalidasa
  • Vidyaranya.
  • Sarvananda and Purnananda
  • The Motherhood of the Goddess..
  • The Vision of the Goddess…….
  • Chapter Three: Shiva
  • Mahakala
  • Death and the Smashan
  • Anjaneya
  • Sagal Shah
  • Chapter Four: Rnanubandhana
  • The Primal Debt.
  • Fate and Rnanubandhana
  • Ranu
  • Author’s Postscript

Chapter 1: Ma

To be a guru you have to say, “I know and I can teach you.” But if I say that, well, I’m finished. I can never learn anything else. I have shut myself off from anything new. If I remain a student all my life, though, I will always be ready to learn new things.

I never call any of the people who come to me for spiritual guidance “disciples.” I am just an ordinary person. I have lived unknown and I will die unknown, except to a few.

I am not interested in anything the world can offer me and even if I die tomorrow I have no regrets. I have lived my life to the fullest; I have done enough. I’ll always be thankful to Nature for permitting me to achieve so much.

I will never have disciples, only “children,” because that is the way a real guru should treat a disciple: as a spiritual son or daughter. And the bond between them is far more intense than that between a physical parent and child.

Even if the child is wicked or wayward, do the parents stop loving it? No! In fact, if they are true parents they will love the child all the more, because that child gives them an opportunity to demonstrate their generosity and love, just as in the case of the Prodigal Son.

The parents have a chance to forgive the child, and that feeds the ego.

AuthorRobert E Svoboda
Language English
No. of Pages168
PDF Size21 MB

Aghora Book PDF Free Download

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