Ribbons and Balloons Cake Price List PDF

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Ribbons And Balloons Cake Price List PDF Free Download

Ribbons and Balloons Cake Price List

Ribbons and Balloons Cake Price List

In our country Success and Happiness always Begins With a Sweet Note. So to fulfill this beautiful tradition Ribbons and Balloons has been there for its customers since 2005.

Straight from the ovens of the finest bakery, we bring you the fresh taste of goodness.

Here, you get a wide choice of rich delicious Pastries, Birthday Cakes, Custom and Fancy Cakes for all occasions, Tea Cakes, Puffs, Rolls, Sandwiches… & more.

Leading and growing strongly with around 100 stores in Mumbai, Pune, Mangalore, Udupi, and Manipal our growth has been an inspiring success story to tell.

We have accomplished all this through our close understanding of our customer’s needs, excellent products, state-of-the-art manufacturing, motivated employees, efficient supply chain management, and satisfied franchise partners. Our expansion plan in the coming years is to create our presence in all the cities in Pan India.

Ready Regular Cakes Prices

Ready Regular Cakes FlavorWeightPrice
Coconut Chocolate CakeHalf KG₹410
Cherry Bubble CakeHalf KG₹450
Chilli Guava CakeHalf KG₹395
Falooda CakeHalf KG₹400
Crunchy Praline CakeHalf KG₹400
Fresh Fruit CakeHalf KG₹410
Nutty Fudge CakeHalf KG₹430
Classic Blueberry CakeHalf KG₹430
Pineapple CakeHalf KG₹290
Hammer CakeHalf KG₹470
Nutella CakeHalf KG₹440
Rasmalai CakeHalf KG₹400
Red VelvetHalf KG₹430
White Forest CakeHalf KG₹375

Sinful Collections Cakes Prices

Sinful Collections Cakes FlavorWeightPrice
Blueberry Cheese Cake1 KG₹915
Toblerone Chocolate1 KG₹990
Very BerryHalf KG₹460
Tobleron Chocolate500 GM₹510
Red Velvet CakeHalf KG₹610
Oreo ChocolateHalf KG₹510
Love CrustHalf KG₹460
KidsHalf KG₹510
Classical Sachar CakeHalf KG₹510
Classic Black ForestHalf KG₹460
Chocolate TartHalf KG₹510
32 DegreesHalf KG₹510

Photo Cakes Prices

Photo Cakes FlavorWeightPrice
Cars 20021 KG₹810
Winnie The Pooh1 KG₹810
Ben 101 KG₹810
Ariel1 KG₹810
Cars 20041 KG₹810
Donald Duck1 KG₹810
Lightning Mcqueen1 KG₹810
Hannah Montana1 KG₹810
Lion King1 KG₹810
Micky and Friends1 KG₹810
Mowgli Jungle Boy1 KG₹810
Tinker Bell1 KG₹810

Sensational Cakes Prices

Sensational Cakes FlavorWeightPrice
Sensational Cake Twenty-Nine4 KG₹5600
Sensational Cake Thirty5 KG₹7000
Sensational Cake Twenty-Eight3.5 KG₹4900
Sensational Cake Twenty-Seven3 KG₹4200
Sensational Cake Twenty-Six2 KG₹2800
Sensational Cake Twenty-Five1.5 KG₹2100
Sensational Cake Twenty Five1.5 KG₹2800

Cake of the Month Prices

Ribbons & balloons Cakes FlavorWeightPrice
Hazelnut Milk Chocolate CakeHalf KG₹380
Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Pastry1 Pc₹75
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Ribbons and Balloons Cake Price List PDF Free Download

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