KEI Wire And Cales Price List PDF 2024

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KEI Wires And Cables Price List 2023-24  PDF Free Download

KEI Wire Price List PDF

  • GST and any other tax/levy will be charged extra, at actuals. Freight as per policy.
  • As per international practice which is also adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the diameter of the conductor shown above is nominal.
  • The size of the conductor is determined by its resistance.
  • The construction of the conductor is as per market convention and should be treated as a guideline only.
  • It may vary within the limits of IS 8130:1994 with its related classes and tables.
  • Standard colors in Building wires are RED / BLACK / BLUE / YELLOW / GREEN.
  • FR / FRLSH & ZHFR wires are supplied in standard lengths of 90M Coils & 180M Coils packed in Master Cartons.
  • Please refer to our Marketing Department for Wires & Cables, not covered above.
  • For other Colours or Lengths please contact our Marketing Department.
  • This Price List is subject to change without prior notice.


1) FRLS Loading -3% Extra for Multi Core Flexible Cables.

2) KEI 3 Core Flat Submersible Cables PVC Insulated and sheathed with XLPE can be supplied at the same rates as PVC insulated cables.

3) Packing for 3 Core Flat Submersible Cables :

  • Cables up to 4sqmm are supplied in 500Mtr/1000Mtr drums.
  • Cables from 6sqmm to 25sqmm are supplied in 500Mtr drums.
  • Cables of 1.5sqmm, 2.5sqmm & 4sqmm are also supplied in 300Mtr coil.

4) Packing for Single & Multi Core Round Wire Flexible cables:

  • Single Core Flexible cables up to 6sqmm are supplied in the Master Carton as shown above.
  • Single Core 10sqmm and above will be supplied in single coil packing.
  • Single Core 120sqmm and above & Multicore 6sqmm & above available in coil packing.
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KEI Wires And Cables Price List PDF Free Download

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