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Prince PVC Pipe Price List PDF Free Download

PP-R Compressed Air Piping Systems

Features and benefits

• Proven hot & cold water performance from -20° C to 95° C • No scaling. Can withstand higher ‘pH’ values

• UV resistant triple-layered pipes are suitable for outdoor installations that are exposed to direct sunlight Good chemical resistance suitable for – most industrial liquids

• Heat-fusion jointing results in homogenous a plastic system ensuring leak-proof joints Very less coefficient of friction ensures high flow properties, reduce pumping cost

• Antimicrobial inside layer of 3 layered pipes adds to safety against bacterial growth ensuring safe drinking water Specially formulated Thermax pipes reduce linear expansion/contraction of pipes due to temperature variance, ensuring suitability for outdoor application


Compressed air, one of the major sources of industrial energy is being used increasingly in manufacturing and process industries. Modern process equipment, pneumatic controls and instruments need clean and uncontaminated air supply for their smooth functioning.

So, what we need is a new-age solution for compressed air and vacuum lines. This piping is given international colour code “Blue Colour” for air transmission.

Blue Greenfit industrial piping systems are made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer suitable for air compressors, Instrumentation air, Vacuum & Nitrogen supply. Blue Greenfit is at par with global industry standards and is ideal for pneumatic applications.

Product range

Pipes: 20 to 160 mm as per PN 10 & PN 16 PN 20

Fittings: 20 to 160 mm as per PN 20 & PN25

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Prince PVC Pipe Price List PDF Free Download

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