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IELTS General Training Reading Practice Test PDF Free Download

Step:3 IELTS General Training Reading

Types of questions in General IELTS reading Test

There are two different kinds of IELTS Reading. Academic reading and General reading. IELTS academic reading test contains 40 questions.

matching information – in this type of question student has to find the information from the given paragraph Like paragraphs A, B, C, D, and so on. just read the question carefully and find the answer from the paragraph. mostly the information is given in the first two lines and last lines.

choosing a title – you have to choose a suitable one by reading the paragraph.

Matching sentence endings – just match the ending information with the start of the sentence. you could be confusing to find it because most of the information is paraphrased by the author.

table and flow chart completion – The diagram is based on the information provided in the paragraph. it could be a process chart, mechanism, or flow chart. there will be s space to write the correct Answer in between them. and you have to

True False and not given -this kind of question little tricky, and most of the students finding difficult to solve it. author saying exact same information is given in the paragraph then it is true if the statement is contradicted then is false and if the information is not given in the paragraph then it will be not given.

Matching headlines – match the paragraph information with the given question, sometimes you have to read the full passage. No paragraph and heading was used twice.

Multiple choice – select the one answer by reading the paragraph, just follow the keywords, it will be easy to find the answer.

What’s in the IELTS General Reading section?

  • It takes 60 minutes total; 20 minutes per section.
    • This total includes the time to transfer your answers from your Question Sheet to the Answer Sheet; I recommend leaving some time at the end of the test to do this.
  • It has three different sections with different types of passages:
    • Section 1: Two or three “everyday life” short texts that you’d come across visiting or living in an English-using country, such as advertisements or a list of activities.
    • Section 2: Two workplace-related texts, such as workplace safety warnings or staff instructions.
    • Section 3: One longer text, often some sort of academic topic.
  • It has 40 questions/items total
    • Section 1: 14 questions/items
    • Section 2: 13 questions/items
    • Section 3: 13 questions/items

How hard is the IELTS General Reading section?

  • It really depends on the person and their background in using English.
  • The best thing you can do to gauge your skill level is to take a practice IELTS General Reading test (we have links to some great practice tests at the end of this post). For some, this section might be a walk in the park. For others, it might feel like climbing up a cliff barehanded.

How can I prepare and practice for the IELTS General Reading section?

  • There’s quite a bit that you can do to prepare for the General Reading section.
  • Start regularly reading quality writing: Regularly reading quality writing will improve your overall reading skills, which, in turn, will improve your ability to do well on the General Reading section. Read articles from The Economist or The Guardian — anything that’ll familiarise you with written British English.
  • Get quality test prep materials: Get a hold of quality test-prep materials. Quality study materials will guide you through the unique challenges of the IELTS General Reading section, teach you useful strategies, and provide you with official IELTS-like practice materials. It’s crucial that these study materials include practice tests.

How to Use the Practice Tests

Keep in mind that you want to use these to gauge your current skill level. So, it’s important to mimic test-like conditions and rules. This means you should:

  • Complete the test in one, uninterrupted sitting.
  • Time and hold yourself to the time limits: no more than 60 minutes total, and no more than 20 minutes for each section.
  • Don’t just put your answers on the question paper; write your answers down on a separate answer sheet like the actual IELTS paper-delivered test. Here are several ways you can get an answer sheet. You can print out:
    • This official example answer sheet for the IELTS Reading test
    • The Magoosh printable blank answer sheet, which appears on the page before the test in this PDF
    • Create your own based on the official answer sheet
Language English
No. of Pages14-20
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IELTS General Reading Practice Test PDF Download

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IELTS General Training Reading Practice Test 2023 PDF Free Download

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