Pondicherry Liquor Price List 2023 PDF

Puducherry Liquor Price List 2023 PDF Free Download

S.NoName (Package)QuantityPrice
11906 Reserva Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 250
2Asahi Japan No.1 Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 160
3Beck’s Ice Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 45
4Beck’s Ice Beer (Can)500 ml₹ 60
5Budejovicky Budvar Czech Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 150
6Christoffel Bier (Bottle)330 ml₹ 275
7Corona Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 125
8Corona Extra Beer (Bottle)355 ml₹ 140
9Corona Light (Bottle)355 ml₹ 140
10Corona sunsets beer (Bottle)473 ml₹ 280
11Edelweiss Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 180
12Estrella Galicia Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 225
13Fuller’s London Pride Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 170
14Geist Dark Hand-Crafted Natural Beer (Bottle)355 ml₹ 180
15Guinness Draught Beer 440ml (Bottle)440 ml₹ 375
16Heineken Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 70
17Heineken Lager Beer (Bottle)650 ml₹ 120
18Heineken Lager Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 60
19Heineken tin Beer (Can)500 ml₹ 100
20Hoegaarden Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 280
21Hoegaarden Wit Blanche 330ml (Bottle)330 ml₹ 150
22Kapittel Watou Pater (Bottle)330 ml₹ 1153
23Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 160
24Leffe Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 280
25Murphy’s Irish Stout (Can)500 ml₹ 500
26Peroni Nastro Azzurro Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 185
27Peroni Nastro Azzurro Birra Superiore (Bottle)330 ml₹ 130
28Schnieder Weisse beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 200
29St. Bernardus Tripel (Bottle)330 ml₹ 160
30St. Feuillien – Tripel (Bottle)330 ml₹ 120
31St.Bernardus ABT-12 (Bottle)330 ml₹ 120
32Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 180
33Stout Super Bock Sabor (Bottle)330 ml₹ 125
34Tsingtao Biere Beer (Bottle)330 ml₹ 145
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Puducherry Liquor Price List 2023 PDF Free Download

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