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Organs Of Government

Democracy means ‘power of the people’. ‘It is now regarded as a form of government in which

the people rule themselves either directly or indirectly through their representatives

(Kapur,1975:377). It may also be described as a system of government under which the people

exercise the governing power either directly or through representatives periodically elected by

themselves (Appadorai,1996:137). Democracy is based on the notion that people should be

self-governingandthattherepresentativesofthepeopleshouldbeheldaccountable for their

actions. For a State to be said to be democratic, there must be established government with

clearly defined organs, namely, the Legislature, the executive, and the judiciary, all with

coordinate powers and perform specific functions as enshrined in the law of the State. For a

State to be said to be truly democratic, the Legislature must exist, and the doctrine of separation

of powers is a sine qua non to democracy.

States world over have been confronted by various forms of violence, crisis, and conflicts.

Conflict could be seen as the process in which one party perceives that its interests are being

opposed or negatively affected by another party (Egobueze,2016). That is, it is the interactive

process manifested in incompatibility, disagreement, or dissonance within or between social

entities. Conflict is a clash between individuals arising out of a difference in thought processes,

attitudes, understanding, interests, requirements, and even sometimes perceptions. Conflict results

in heated arguments, physical abuses and definitely loss of peace and harmony. A conflict can

actually change relationships, persons, communities, states, and countries that were hitherto

friends may become foes as a result of conflict. A small conflict not controlled at the early stage

may lead to a large war and rifts among the countries leading to major unrest and disharmony.

Conflicts may be of many types like verbal conflict, religious conflict, emotional conflict, social

conflict, personal conflict, organizational conflict, community conflict, and so on. It is a state of

discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values, and interests between

people. It can result in stressor tension and negative feelings between disputants, and it is not

only disruptive and destructive but also constructive (Bello,2006:30).

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Organs Of Government PDF Free Download

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