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Standard Form

Standard form in maths is the method of representing a particular element in the most common manner. From large numbers to small numbers to equations to lines, every element in maths is denoted in a standard form.

Let us explore this interesting concept of standard form in various elements of maths such as fractions, equations, algebra, and slope along with learning the standard from formulas.

Solving examples and understanding the basic thumb rule will help in understanding the concept better.

What is Standard Form?

A standard form is a form of writing a given mathematical concept like an equation, number, or expression in a form that follows certain rules.

Representing very large or very small numbers concisely, the standard form is used. For example, 4.5 billion years is written as 4,500,000,000 years.

As you can see here, writing a large number like 4.5 billion in its number form is not just ambiguous but also time-consuming and there are chances that we may write a few 0’s less or more while writing in the number form.

In this case, writing the number in standard form is very helpful. For example, the standard form of 4,500,000,000 = 4.5 × 109. Not only numbers but fractions, equations, expressions, polynomials, etc also can be written in the standard form.

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Standard Form PDF Free Download

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