Nepali Grammar and Vocabulary By Rev A Turnbull PDF

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Nepali Grammar and Vocabulary Book PDF Free Download

Nepali Grammar

By which razor we call the Court language and lingua franca of Nepal (e-pi is no longer Newart, the language of the Netware wwär), bat Gorkhah 1 or as the natives themselves call it.

Probate or Parbativas, the language of the Gorkhäs who bare ruled the country since 1768.

It really a dialect of Hindi, akin to thee of Rajpest and, very like Kamiont and Garhwalf, and spoken: “fram be Gogati to the Sankhaast River.”

21 Visio more of Ess with locality as al dialects do hat the scope of the present attempt to reduce it to a common standard or High Nepali form, only submit of reference to st Kathosed” variations, we bring the most.

AuthorRev A Turnbull
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Nepali Grammar and Vocabulary Book PDF Free Download

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