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C++ Programming Language

As promised in the first edition of this book, C++ has been evolving to meet the needs of its users.

This evolution has been guided by the experience of users of widely varying backgrounds working in a great range of application areas.

The C++ user community has grown a hundredfold during the six years since the first edition of this book; many lessons have been learned, and many techniques have been discovered and/or validated by experience.

Some of these experiences are reflected here. The primary aim of the language extensions made in the last six years has been to enhance C++ as a language for data abstraction and

object-oriented programming in general and to enhance it as a tool for writing high-quality libraries of user-defined types in particular.

A “high-quality library,” is a library that provides a concept to a user in the form of one or more classes that are convenient, safe, and efficient to use.

In this context, safe means that a class provides a specific type-safe interface between the users of the library and its providers;

efficient means that the use of the class does not impose significant overheads in run-time or space on the user compared with hand-written C code.

This book presents the complete C++ language. Chapters 1 through 10 give a tutorial introduction:

Chapters 11 through 13 provide a discussion of design and software development issues; and, finally, the complete C++ reference manual is included.

Naturally, the features added and resolutions made since the original edition are integral parts of the presentation.

They include refined overloading resolution, memory management facilities, and access control mechanisms, type-safe linkage, const and static member functions, abstract classes, multiple inheritances, templates, and exception handling.

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C++ Programming Language Book PDF Free Download

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