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The Black Book of Carmarthen Book PDF Free Download

The Black Book of Carmarthen

CHE BLACK BOOK OF CARMARTHEN has been printed several times.

When the Myvyrian Archaeology of Wales has undertaken the conception of editorial duties did not go beyond printing the most accessible text from a late transcript.

Mr. William F. Skene, however, in the Four Ancient Books of Wales, pointed out the true method but did not always tread the path of virtue.

His knowledge of Welsh was inadequate for his purpose, and his purpose was inadequate for the attainment of an accurate text.

He set to work with prepossessions, and definite theories to propagate.

He wandered over the hills of Wales in moonshine-he saw a North Briton in every gorse bush bending before the wind-he affixed, like a geographical pioneer,

Strathclyde labels to familiar Welsh place names, and he was apt to discover sixth-century incidents in twelfth-century historical facts. “Nunc aliquis dicat mihi: ‘Quid tu ?

Does Nallane have Vitia? Immo alia et fortasse minora.” My concern has been throughout to avoid errors of my own, not to call attention to those of my predecessors,

Various commentators have written on detached portions of the text. A list of these contributions I am unable to give a, having unfortunately seen few of them.

I have been chained, like a dog, to manuscripts and texts for a quarter of a century, with no margin of time for serious study: and now I live in exile,

out of reach of libraries, and cannot refer to books and articles that should be consulted. For example Prof.

Strachan informs me of a series of Notes in the Arch for Celtische Philologie by Prof. Loth. Students must consult these Notes for themselves, and especially Prof.

Strachan’s own paper in Est on the waiting til Consonants in the Of His Per Prof Rhys has also dealt with detached passages in his various writings.

Stephens, in his Literature of the Aywer, was the first to introduce sanity into Welsh criticism and his book, it somewhat out of date, is still worth reading.

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The Black Book of Carmarthen Book PDF Free Download

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