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Medical Leave Certificate PDF Free Download

Medical Leave Form Certificate

A Medical Certificate is a written statement from a physician that attests to the results of a medical examination of a patient issued by the Doctor.

Employees are eligible for one month of medical leave for every 18 months of service rendered at half the wages.

Any person covered under the Act can avail of sick leave of not less than one-eighteenth of the service period at half the wages.

The person must have served the company for at least 12 months.

This can be extended if the person is under medical care or should have stayed in the hospital.

If he is a family member, he or she should be in the facility for at least 3 consecutive days or an application for medical leave in the office for pregnancy.

In the case of chronic diseases, the company will be liable for two master reviews.

In the case of abortion, the medical records of the patient and the number of check-ups and even the birth must be compensated by the company.

How to get a medical certificate?

A medical certificate can be issued by any registered and practising doctor.

The Doctor can be from a Government Hospital or a private hospital/clinic.

The doctor does an examination and then issues the certificate accordingly.

Some organizations have their own in-house doctors to verify the medical conditions of their students or employees and in those cases, the medical certificate should be issued from the in-house doctor only.

The certificate can be obtained from any doctor however government doctors are generally preferred because they can be held accountable easily.

Submitting or Obtaining a fake medical certificate?

Submitting a fake certificate or a document is always discouraged.

A medical certificate is as mentioned above a legal document and organisations rely on them.

It is advisable to always get a genuine medical certificate to make sure that you do not get into trouble.

There have been many instances where the individual who submitted the fake certificate has been dismissed and even the doctor who verifies it may lose his medical license.

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Medical Leave Certificate PDF Free Download

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