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Matsya Purana



The origin and date of the Matsyapurāṇa have long been a matter of speculation among scholars.

Orthodox tradition has it that this Purana was revealed originally by Lord Visnu in them of a fish to Vaivasvata Manu.

The first king of the solar dynasty survived the deluge (Pralaya) which resulted in the partial dissolution of the world and not in its total annihilation.

In this connection, two legends, the legend of the flood and the legend of the incarnation of Visnu as fish require careful investigation.

As the theory of incarnation of Visnu as Matsyn or fish is intimately bound up with the notion of a deluge, the Indian flood legends must claim our first attention.

Next, we shall examine other legend histories of the ancient world and see how far they are indebted to the Indian Flood legend. Lastly, we shall discuss how far these accounts of the flood are historical.

The Story of the Flood in Vedic Literature.

The earliest notice of the Indian Flood legend is found in the Vedie Literature the Atharvaveda and theSatapatha Brahmana.

When Manu was washing his hands one morning, a fish came into his hands and said “Rear me, I will save thee from a flood which is going to devour all the creatures.”

It further directed him on how to rear it. According to the direction, Manu kept it in a jar. Finding that it outgrew that, he had a pond dug for it.

The pond was found too small for its growing size, and it was hence taken to the sea. Then the fish advised Manu to prepare a ship and to enter into it when the flood came.

The flood came, and Manu got into the ship and looked out for his savior. The fish swam up to him, and to its horn, he tied the ship when it passed to the Northern mountain. Here he fastened the ship to a tree.

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The Matsya Purana Book PDF Free Download

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