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Topic In Manusmriti

  • The genesis of the universe.
  • Procedures of performing ceremonies, the methods of fulfilling vows.
  • Holy baths, sexual life, performing marriages, Mahayagya (religious sacrifices), methods of pacifying deceased ancestors, etc.
  • Regular ablutions and routines, Sutak Vrata.
  • Edible and non-edible things, cleanliness, impurity, the duty of the wife.
  • Vanaprastha, liberation, Detachment.
  • The duty of the Royal people.
  • The relegation of duty.
  • The duty of women and men, the duty of departments, the annihilation of the wicked, etc
  • The narrow, parochial castes, the duty in emergency.
  • Repentance.
  • Transmigration, Supreme Bliss. 


  1. The Maharishi approached the sitting Manu with a collected mind duly worshiped him and said thus:
  2. ‘Divine, Divine, to declare to us in precise and proper order the sacred laws of each of the (four major) castes (Varnas) and the intermediate ones.
  3. ‘Because, O Lord, you alone know (taught) the meaning, (i.e.) samskaras, and the knowledge of the soul in this entire law of self-existence (Svayambhu), which is unknowable and unfathomable.’
  4. He, whose power is immeasurable, being thus asked by the great sages of high intelligence, duly honored them, and replied, ‘Lis-.’ Ten!
  5. It (the universe) existed in the shape of darkness, imperceptible, devoid of distinct marks, unapproachable by reason, unknown, completely immersed in deep sleep.
  6. Then the divine Self-Existence (Svayambhu, Himself) is invisible, (but) appearing with irresistible (creative) power, dispelling the darkness, making it (all), the great elements and the rest, intelligible.
  7. That which can be seen by the inner organ (alone), which is subtle, indivisible, and eternal, which includes all created beings and is unimaginable, shines by its will.
  8. He, desiring to create different types of creatures from his body, first created water from his mind and put his seed in it.
  9. That (seed) became a golden egg, as bright as the sun; In that (egg) he himself was born as Brahma, the progenitor of the whole world.
  10. The name of Water is Sara because Water is really the child of Nara; Since he was his first abode (ayana), he was named Narayana.
  11. From that (first) cause, which is immeasurable, eternal, and both real and unreal, arose that Purusha (Purusha), who is famous in this world (by the name of Brahman).

Text 12: The Supreme Soul resided in that egg for one year, then He (alone) divided it into two parts by His own thought;

  1. And out of those two parts, He created the sky and the earth, and the sphere between them, and the eight ends of the horizon, and the eternal abode of the waters.
  2. From the self (AtmaH) He also derived the mind, which is both real and unreal, similarly, the ego from the mind, which acts as self-consciousness (and) is sovereign;
  3. Further, the great, the soul, and all (products) are influenced by the three gunas, and, in their order, the five organs that perceive the objects of sensation.
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Manusmriti The Laws of Manu Book PDF Free Download

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